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7216 DVR, picture blacks out for a couple seconds

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Re: 7216 DVR, picture blacks out for a couple seconds

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@achituv wrote:

I just got my 7216 installed yesterday, I have release 1.6.2, and am using component cables. really expensive component cables. The pictures blacks out every 15-20 minutes for 1-2 seconds. How do I get this 1.7 thing?



You wait until Verizon automatically updates your STB. They have a schedule, I posted what I have heard is the schedule in the IMG 1.7 Experience thread here on this forum. Of course Verizon may change the schedule at any time.


I have 1.7 now, have had it for a week, working well for me. But I have a 6416 not a 7216, and most people that I have heard of with "blacking out" problems are using an HDMI connection, not component. But 1.7 may very well fix your problem. You just have to wait.


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Re: 7216 DVR, picture blacks out for a couple seconds

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I have the same issue, and ever since i got fios installed in July, the issue has gotten worse.  Ive contacted support a few times.  The first representative blamed my tv and told me to use component cables, which is unacceptable for me because I use an audio reciever which only has one component input, which I have my Wii connected to.  The second representative said it was an issue with the DVR, but the only thing I could do was to wait for the 1.7 update, which he didnt have a date for.  When I finally saw on the forums that I'd be getting the update on 10/20, I decided I'd hold out and just wait for that, even though my tv was becoming unwatchable.  Now it appears the update has been delayed and my tv is worse than ever.  I counted it drop the video 84 times last night within a 60 minute period.  Verizon really needs to do something about this issue immediately.

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Re: 7216 DVR, picture blacks out for a couple seconds

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Having the same problem as described. This problem started in the past 3 weeks. I have a Samsung A52LN850, using HDMI cable, when problem presents itself I switch to component cables. Problem still exist. Will there be a patch to fix this problem, will Verizon switch to a different STB soon?

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Re: 7216 DVR, picture blacks out for a couple seconds

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I'm appalled Verizon still hasn't issued an update to fix this issue. Its a joke that they can't provide basic service. I don't care about fancy widgets if my TV keeps cutting out every few minutes.


I had cable for years before Fios and miss the following features enough that I will switch back to it once my contract runs out if these issues still exist:


* Basic TV works without blacking out.

* Being able to seamlessly forward or rewind between two adjacent shows on the same channel (can't do this on FIOS if you're recording either of them)

* Being able to go "back in time" in the TV guide and look at shows that have already finished



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