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7216 STB audio problem

7216 STB audio problem

Copper Contributor freeridehero
Copper Contributor
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I have the 7216 DVR hooked up to my Yamaha receiver with the optical digital cable.  When I turn the DVR on, I have a picture but no sound.  The only thing that will bring the sound back is to going into the DVR menu into the audio settings and select OK in the audio format.  I've switched audio settings, fixed vs. variable and volume setting, nothing makes a difference.  Once the audio is working, I don't have any problems and I just keep the DVR on all the time.  Anyone else having this kind of problem?
Contributor swifty
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Registered: ‎09-17-2008
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I have the exact same issue....I have a programmable remote that runs a script to do the audio setup everytime the STB starts up cold. 


Lately, the color has been going out as well, and there is a lot of signal scramble.  I've tried to reset the box by unplugging but it doesn't help.  I will be calling Verizon to replace my box.

Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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It is a known issue that Verizon is already aware of. A patch has not been made available as of yet.
Contributor Natep
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Thank you for the clarification as I too am having the same problem.  I wish when someone takes the time to call into Verizon tech support that they would acknowledge the presence of the problem instead of blaming my setup, my receiver, my cable, etc.


I had one technician state that since I was able to receive audio through the HDMI for the TV that was good enough as far as Verizon was concerned.  


Love the product otherwise and I now have my home, cellular, internet and TV all through Verizon.  I just wish that phone support would provide better customer service.


Thanks again. 

Copper Contributor freeridehero
Copper Contributor
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That's a really lame response from the Verizon tech...


That's typical of any answer I've ever received from any telco/cable company when looking for some help.

Contributor scottn57
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I have the same/similar issue with my Sony Surround amp with the addition of the follwing symptoms:


- I get a nasty fluttering static when the dvr is powered up

- If I then shut of the dvr I get a semi-high pitch, softer noise for a few seconds.


The only way I get the sound to work is to go to the sound menu and choose ok.  


If I choose "Mono" I get the static again.  


I wonder if it falsley tries to start the sound in mono and gets stuck?  Can anyone else with the issue try changing the sound setting to mono? 

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