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A question about HD channels

A question about HD channels

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Verizon seems to be quite **bleep** about their HD channel numbers.  If you look the HD channel is +500 from the SD channel.  There is one exception, which I find strange.  HBO is 400 but HBO HD is 899, but it should be 900....which is the On Demand channel.  I'm surprised that the On Demand channel was not moved.  Obviously I have too much time on my hands.


On another point, the movie channels are 340-394, but there is not a 1 for 1 relationship in HD-land.  In the range of 840-888, there is only 16 channels as opposed to 45 in the lower range.  The 29 extra HD channels would bring the total to 129 in NY, blowing Cablevision away.  What say you Verizon??

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There are a number of other abberations from the +500 scheme, if you look closely. Including several HD-only channels that use the +500 number of a completely different SD channel... too bad if the SD channel ever wants to go HD.


In the case of HBO HD, we initially heard it would be on 900 after the realignment. My guess is that changing the 900 = VOD mapping would require a software update for the STBs, and they didn't want to tie the realignment to a software update. But I'm just speculating.


Verizon is running all the HD premium channels that the providers make available, AFAIK.

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As it turns out i have never been able to retrieve a straight answer about this myself either.  If  i had to speculate though i would assume the product development team wanted to keep certain types of programming bundled together in one general region of the guide(which you can see by the news/sports/entertainment/mtv, bet etc).  The HD channels are(in most areas) grouped in the 500-999 range with room for additions.  If you follow the same scheme of channel grouping on the SD side you will see it resembles the HD groupings as well.  Local HD 500-549, sports HD 570-599, News and Science HD 600-639, entertainment HD 640-799, and the HD movie channels should run from 840-999.  So i don't think it has so much to do with the corresponding SD channel number(if there is one), but has to do more-so with the type of programming actually displayed on that particular channel. 



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It would have made the most sense for the HD Channels to be a plus 1000 over the SD channels. The most customers would have benefited
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