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I just activated FIOS TV.  With my old Cox cable setup I could route STB audio directly to good stereo speakers, bypassing the TV speakers (poor quality).  I just turned the TV speakers all the way down with the TV remote, and used the Cox remote to control volume on the stereo speakers.  This method does not work with FIOS.  I don't know how to temporarily deactivate the TV's speakers.


Help please.  I am a novice, so please dumb it down so I can understand.   Thanks.



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It CAN work on FiOS, but the default setting is that the volume on the remote operates the Television's volume control.

However in set up you can make the audio output from the STB variable instead of fixed, This is in the Set-up menu of the STB under volume control. Normally it is fixed, you want to set it to variable.



Then change the behavior of the remote. If you have standard R144 remote and still have the instructions. If not, here is how it is supposed to work:


1)., Press and HOLD STB key, and press OK

2). Release both keys

The Device Keys should blink Twice

3). Enter 955 on the remote

The STB Key should blink Twice

4). Press the OK Key



Then you should be able to mute, or turn down you TV's speakers, and the volume control will operate the volume on the STB instead of on the TV.

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Thanks, but no luck.  I switched the audio output to "variable".  After holding the STB key, pressing OK, and releasing, the tiny red light in between the TV and STB buttons blinked twice.  I entered 955 and pressed OK.  The red light and several device keys rapidly blinked four times.  I pressed OK.


Audio was going to my stereo speakers, but the remote still controlled ONLY the TV audio, and not the STB "audio out".  BTW, my stereo speakers volume is controlled manually - no remote.  That is why I need the STB audio output to be controlled by the FIOS remote.


Any suggestions, or do I just have to live with the inferior TV speakers?



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Find the instructions for your remote. Carefully follow the instructions until you are able control the stb volume with the remote.


You can find the instructions for your remote here:



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My only other suggestion is that if you TV has a headphone jack, buy a  cheap set  of headphones or earbuds  (or just the plug that fits the jack from someplace like RadioShack), and plug them in. On most TV's with such a jack, plugging in the headphones will disconnect the speakers.  Iif you can still hear the sound from the headphones or earbuds, just cut them off. As long there is something in the headphone jack, the speakers should be disconnected. 


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Thanks to both mattheww and andy9798.  mattheww put me on the right track, and andy9798 inforced the old reliable rule of "when all else fails, read the manual".  The manual for my remote (P265v2) said to press the OK and the 2 buttons together, then release.  Then press 9-5-5.  Then press the STB button.  THIS WORKED.  The TV audio is disengaged, and the STB audio is now controlled by the remote.  I guess different remote models do things a little differently.


Thanks again guys.

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