Add TV to Adjacent Room

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Add TV to Adjacent Room

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We currently have FIOS TV running to a TV in our upstairs bedroom, among other places.  I want to install a new TV in our sitting room on a wall between the sitting room and the bedroom.  The TV in our bedroom essentially sits on the other side of that wall.  Is there any way to split a FIOS TV signal and run one branch to the existing TV and the other branch to the new TV?  BTW, I also have FIOS Internet and Phone.


As an alternative, is there a way to connect my existing FIOS TV signal to a "B" cable connection?  When our house was built in 1993, the cable company used "A" and "B" cable channels.  Over time, everything moved to just the "A" cable, with the "B" cable becoming dormat.  All of our cable wall jacks have dual connectors, but we only use the "A" connector. If FIOS TV could also use the "B" channel somehow then I wouldn't need to split the signal.  I could simply route the "B" signal to the new TV.

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Re: Add TV to Adjacent Room

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Just add a splitter.  You can do this either near where you need two taps or be enabling the "B" network.


If you want to enable the "B" network, find the point where it connected to the outside.  It should be near where the same point on the "A" network is connected to the FiOS ONT.  Then, simply add a splitter to send the signal from the FiOS ONT to both the "A" and "B" networks.


When you add a splitter, make sure it is rated for 1GHz.



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