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Adding Memory to the DVR

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Silver Contributor IV
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Re: Adding Memory to the DVR

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@ReedLB wrote:

Any word on when either the new DVRs or new firmware for external expansion will be available? I'm really hoping before the Olympics in February, otherwise I may have to cancel my home media DVR and get a TiVo. Thanks.

A Verizon DVR with twice the existing capacity was originally expected in 1Q 2010.   I would suggest you see what Verizon announces next week at the Consumer Electronics Show (Jan 7-10).   You can read the news from that show on sites like Engadget, Gizmodo, and ZNF.  I'm sure much of the news will find it to this forum as well.

TiVo is also expected to unveil a new box at CES.

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Re: Adding Memory to the DVR

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I've been reading over these forums, and I'm disheartened. I see promises of "real soon now," some from employees, (what they were told, I don't blame them) going back years. I'm just about to switch to Verizon, the installer comes tomorrow, but I feel like canceling. The major change in my viewing over the last decade has been the DVR. I had ReplayTV for years, and while nothing else has come close, Cablevision was not bad. (Unfortunately ReplayTV doesn't do HD). That's more important than any other TV issue. But even doubling the 160 megs of storage is not very much. I've got about a terabyte of storage with an external drive on my current box. Maybe something over 300 megs maybe sometime in the future is silly. My fault, it was one thing I assumed and didn't check out until just now. With Cablevision loosing Food Channel the family was pressuring for a change, so we figured give Verizon a shot, but I'm sure FC and Cablevision will work things out shortly. I'm used to Verizon disabling things on my phone, but they were the only carried with good reception were I live and my wife works so I accepted it. This DVR issue is silly, (silly because it is easily fixed) and is a bad way to start a new business relationship. --RS
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Re: Adding Memory to the DVR

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I agree, and what is also sad is that I just installed the remote DVR for my Blackberry and it is AWESOME! Except I feel like I have to delete something every time I want to record a new program. 😞

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Re: Adding Memory to the DVR

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I am getting angry just reading these posts.  I have had Fios for years now and thank goodness for my Tivo.  I have 1TB in there which is even enough HD recording for a few NASCAR races with a few Yankee games.  However I want VOD.  


I have been a lifetime subscribe to Tivo since the original 14 hour cable box model.  I loved the DTV combo unit, but then came Fios and the service is great except for this crappy dvr.  Motorola stinks.  


Why can I buy a 2TB HDD for $100 yet I am stuck with a 160GB for my dvr.  Completely stupit.  I want the new Cisco box now!!!

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Re: Adding Memory to the DVR

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Just hooked up a Tivo.  And yes the VOD is missing, and would be great to have.  There is still a limit on the Tivo units as far as capacity goes as well.  You can add an external drive, or replace the inside drive (voiding the warranty), but from what I understand the HD unit will only take a 1TB drive internally, while the XL will take a 2TB.


At least with the Tivo, the whole family has the ability to watch on their pc's.


I'm also  in the process of getting rid of my Directv dvr's, but now having second thoughts.  Each of them is only 5.99 month, and now they just released for testing their multi-room software.  It looks like your not restricted to one, like FIOS is... Looks

like each DVR can share their shows..

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