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Advanced FiOS Remote question

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Advanced FiOS Remote question

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Note*** - this is not a basic remote coding question. I have consulted the users manual, the online troubleshooting guide, and other resources. I do not need the link to the remote control manual page, indeed some legit technical help here.

I have a P265v3 remote for my fiostv. The set top box is a CHS435HDC.

I bought a new Samsung tv 51' plasma tv on Monday and per the instructions, coded the remote to work with my new tv.
1. Hold OK & 2 buttons, when red light flashes then stays on, enter brand code (samsung is 331)
2. Press the channel up button until the TV turns off.
3. Confirm a/v volume and power buttons work appropriately. Check.
4. Press OK

So I think I'm all set when I notice my remote is no longer able to navigate the Channel guide. The directional buttons don't work.

Step 1. Change batteries (tried four new n box batteries in 4 configs)- no change
Step 2. Unplug set top box for 10 mins, reboot - no change
Step 3. Reset the remote (hold OK & 2, red light stays on, enter 900, lights blink) - remote loses additional functions*

*now the remote only responds to power and guide inputs for all set top box commands. Power button works, guide button works, nothing else works (numbers, directional buttons, anything at all)
1. Red light at the top flashes when I press buttons (other than power and guide)
2. The set top box shows receipt of power and guide button inputs (a light on the box off/on quickly when the signal is being received)
3. No other buttons obtain this indicator

I have re-reset the remote with no change.
I have reprogrammed the TV code same as before, and now I have TV function (TV power, volume, av), but still only power and guide buttons for set top box.

I have seen posts about 977 code for the old fios remote, but there's no info anywhere about the programmability of the p265v3 (only TV and stbower buttons) for a set top box.

My question-

Do I need a new remote (a process I don't want to go through), or is there some way for me to re-establish functionality with my set top box?
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Re: Advanced FiOS Remote question

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You can spend a lot of time trying to get your remote to work with all your equipment.  Or, you can buy a real universal remote:


Good Luck.


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Re: Advanced FiOS Remote question

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@gs0b wrote:

You can spend a lot of time trying to get your remote to work with all your equipment.  Or, you can buy a real universal remote:


Agree.  I have two of these devices, and although the programming was a bit daunting with my particular devices and layout, the end result was well worth it.

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