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Alternatives to renting boxes

Alternatives to renting boxes

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I am a new Verizon FIOS user. I am renting 2 dvrs (one with house wide) from Verizon and need to add a set top box for 2 rarely used HD TV sets which already have pre-wiring. So I'm looking at alternatives for renting a set top box ($11+) which I would use with a splitter so its cable goes to both TVs since they will never actually be used at the same time. I looked in the local stores and on the web and the only available box to purchase seems to be a TIVO box but - unless I am missing something - that does not make economic sense. After purchasing the tivo box, I would need to pay a monthly fee to Tivo (which is higher than the FIOS rental fee) for it to work) plus renting a card from Verizon. In addition the Verizon website says that with a cable card I will not be able to access the other dvrs. So what would be the financial incentive to purchase a box instead of renting from Verizon? Yet people do it, so I must be missing something. Could someone please explain? Thank you.
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Pretty much Tivo or renting from Verizon are the only current solutions.


For a TV that doesn't need any thing but the Locals, you may be able to get away without any boxes.  It does need to support DIGITAL Cable signals.  And a few TV's (and internet boxes including some blu-ray players) support a verizon app that can get about 70 channels (assuming you are subcribed to those channels).  I have one Samsung Tv hooked up that supports the app and Digital cable signals and so can get many of the programs without a STB.


The only incentive to buy TIVO boxes is if you prefer them and want to not pay Verizon the full rental price(still must rent the cablecard).  There were some other companies making boxes, but they are gone.  Some PC cards also exist

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If you have an iPad, you can use it as a cable box by attaching it to your TV. You can purchase the HDMI transition cables on amazon for $10. Just download the FIOS app from the Apple Store. The only problem is if you use your iPad a lot you will have to keep disconnecting it from your TV.

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