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Amount of on demand movies that you can only buy and not rent.

Amount of on demand movies that you can only buy and not rent.

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Why are so many on demand movies for which you only have the option buy and not rent? I beginning to find this very upsetting given the amount of money I pay for my monthly service.  I guess this just another ploy to squeeze more dollars from subscribers.  If this continues I guess I'll either have to get Netflixs or switch providers.

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It's the movie studio's last ditch effort to save a archaic business model.   Their answer to sagging DVD sales? "We won't let you rent movies--we're going to force you to buy them." The plan is to not allow movie rentals for at least a month or two after the DVD is released for sale, on the theory that people just can't wait, and will buy it. There may be a few movie fans that will go for that, but the rest of us will just wait.


I use a combo of netflix Hulu, Vudu and amazon prime, and only buy from on demand if it's cheaper, I can't wait or unavailable on the others, and that is rare, but it happens. 

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