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Annoying, cell phone background noise on Fox

Annoying, cell phone background noise on Fox

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Did anyone else hear what sounded like a cell phone ringing yesterday on Fox during either the NFL games or the Emmys?  It happens about every 15 or 20 seconds, and is insanely annoying.  It doesn't happen on any other channel.  I heard it during the 9/11 NFL games as well and thought it was a one time issue, but I've seen some other articles online that mention it, so at least I know I'm not crazy:






I'm not sure if this is a Fox problem or a Fios problem, but wanted to see if anyone else out there experienced it, and if anyone had a solution that made it go away.  I'm sure it will happen again with next weeks NFL games...

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Since FiOS does nothing but pass the signal from the provider it has to be a FOX problem.  Just trying to be fair and balanced Smiley Wink

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I noticed the same thing during the games it also happens during the news the louder the broadcast volume the more noticable the beeping noise gets. I thought i was going crazy because its so soft none of my roomates heard it. If anybody ever figures it out please post a cause or solution. Thank you
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I have cable tv, and I have heard this noise as well since the first week of football so it's definately not a FIOS issue.  We have two stations here that FOX breadcasts on (5 & 13) and both of them have this noise.  I also heard it during the Emmy's broadcast so it's not just football.   Very annoying for those of us that can atually hear it.

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It appears to be digital audio compression artifact noise. It occurs on multiple networks and can most easily be heard in background applause or crowd noise.
It sounds like metallic or electronic musical notes. This is not acceptable audio and enough people need to complain to VZ before they consider reducing the signal compression which I believe is the cause of the noise.
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I had to resort to wearing earplugs to watch the Eagles/Giants game today because all I could focus on was the background noise.  and it is every 5 seconds (yes, I timed it).  Last week during the Emmy's, I thought it was just me and then again today during the game.  I am glad to see that I am NOT going crazy. 


However, I do not have FIOS so it must be a FOX thing.  I am hoping that the more people that complain about it will get someone to do do something about it. 

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I've noticed this since preseason, and jsut can't take it anymore. Relieved that I'm not the only one. Apparently this problem is nationwide, and is from something on FOX's end. I've called, notified the local affiliate, and tweeted @Foxbroadcasting, @FOXSPORTS, @NFLONFOX....hopefully someone somewhere fixes this. In the meantime, get loud, call people. This is really annoying to the point it's almost maddening.

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Heard it during the Emmy awards last weekend and again during football today.  Same exact sound.  Not sure what it is but it does get annoying.

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Tell whoever is running the Fox network to stop leaving cell phones near the audio equipment and to also get some audio engineers on the job. What it sounds like to me is what I used to hear when CALLING cell phones and the phone happened to be ringing, back when cell phone service was still pre-mature. If you called on a landline, you could very faintly hear a person's ringer.

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I started noticing it around the same time. It hasn't gone away and I can barely watch TV anymore. I hear it on multiple channels though, not just FOX. TNT, TBS, CBS. I never hear it on commercials though, just on a show or game. Nothing changed in my setup, then out of the blue this starts happening. I can hear it on all my TVs, so it doesn't seem to be limited to the box type (I have a new motorola dvr and older HD box). I hope they do something to try to fix this soon. 

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