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Any Updates on Putting a 1-Terabyte drive in the Home Media DVR ???

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Bronze Contributor II
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Re: Any Updates on Putting a 1-Terabyte drive in the Home Media DVR ???

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Oh... It would also be nice if it had a DVD recorder built-in, and even better, a Blu-ray recorder add-on..


How much are DVD data recorders for computers now, $50? They record DVD movie formats - Everything is files now, there's nothing special about a DVD recorder from a format that's already just disk files.. There's no reason that they cannot put a $50 DVD recorder in the box, and have it record at 8x speed. 


They say the thing stopping them is memory, CPU power, and interfaces - BUT they can buy a PC motherboard for $70 with all the necessary disk interfaces and BIOS, add $40 worth of memory, a LINUX  operating system, a couple of video cards, HUGE disk drive, and some custom software, which they have to write anyway - viola, you have yourself a DVR with nearly unlimited video storage, and interfaces for a Blu-Ray or DVD recorder which can dump to DVD at 8x the normal video speed.  


In truth, i think what's stopping Motorola and the other DVR makers is the "not invented here" mindset, where everything has to be custom-designed and fit in a tiny footprint with a sculptured case. Here's a news flash: A lot of us don't really care about the footprint, they just want the thing to work.

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Re: Any Updates on Putting a 1-Terabyte drive in the Home Media DVR ???

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I totally despise Cisco.  I hope the folks at Scientific Atlanta don't allow Corp Cisco to tinker with anything they are doing.  Cisco Routers may be a part of the whole Internet but their switching products are slow and they charge a lot for it.  Plus they brainwash their customers to think they are the only game in town or their products are superior, which they are not.  I've worked for a few vendors and yeah Cisco is big fish and dominate but its because people are drinking the kool-aid.  I said boo-hoo to Cisco.

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