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Any reason NOT to switch to FIOS TV ONE boxes?

Any reason NOT to switch to FIOS TV ONE boxes?

Copper Contributor LazzZ
Copper Contributor
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Hi all,


Just wanted to put this out there.  Leaving the $50 equipment upgrade fee aside, is there any reason why I would NOT want to switch over from Legacy Equipment (7232 DVRS, 7100 STBs) to the new TV One boxes?


From my understanding, this won't affect my bill at all (My package would remain exactly the same), and equipment rental charges are basically the same.    So why would I NOT want to upgrade?

Appreciate any feedback, esp. from those who've made the switch!

Side/Related question -

(Note: I currently have Multi Room DVR on my existing package.   I would want Premium Multi Room DVR on my TV One equipment..  I wonder if this will be an added fee, and if so - how much.   Anyone know?).



MVP clem53 MVP
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Limited outputs, one HDMI, one Composite, one optical. No 480 pass through, no native video pass through, only dolby 5.1 audio out regardless of source (unless you choose LPCM stereo). No display clock or channel, limited help from tech support.

Contributor Winterstorm2005
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First the set box do not display the time.  They are cheap and the hdmi cord is super short.  Had I know I would not have switched.  The can’t find my DVr recordings.  Just a disaster.

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Can always use existing HDMI cord.

Not sure what you mean they can't find DVR recordings.

Are you saying the ones from before you upgraded or once you have recorded on the new box, they can't be found?

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Contributor topfinadv
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if u upgrade ur existing recordings on the dvr are lost. They don't switch over.

Gold Contributor V Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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The new boxes are smaller and use less power.  The mini's are very small and silent.  The main box has a quiet fan.  They support 4K.  Mini's can connect by coax, Ethernet or WiFi.  The UI is faster.  The remote is Bluetooth, which is handy if you don't have line of site to the box.  Voice remote is okay, but not great.  The new remote has fewer buttons, which some people like and some hate.  Old remotes work just fine, too.


As other have pointed out, they don't have component video out; just HDMI and an adapter for composite.  If you've a really old TV this might be an issue.


No clock, either.


Recordings do not transfer from the old DVR to the new DVR; this is true for any DVR change, even if you replace one due to failure.  Some people use their DVR's for long term storage; for them any DVR change is very painful.  I suggest DVRs not be used for long term storage to avoid this issue.

I switched a few months ago when I added another STB to my home.  I stuck a mini to the back of a 40" TV with Velco; it works great!  The Bluetooth remote is handy here as there is no line of sight to the back of the TV.

Before I switched, we did some binge watching of DVR programs since I knew we'd loose them.


There is also a feature to save your recording schedule and settings "to the cloud."  They can then be restored when setting up the new box.  I wish I had seen that before I took out the old box.  It would have saved some time reloading the recording schedule.


I had the old "Multiroom DVR" with two tuners on the main box, 50 hours of storage, and no pause-live-TV on the other boxes.  This service is still available with the FiOS ONE boxes for the same cost.  For $5/mo more, you can get the premium DVR service that gives 200 hours of storage, up to six programs recording at once and pause-live-TV on the minis.  There is no difference in equipment, just what you pay.

This should help you decide if the $50 upgrade fee is worth it.  It was for me.




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Copper Contributor GeezingInVA2
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The TV One box seems to have a much slower response to the new talking remote than the identical remote on one of the Mini boxes. Maybe the One has a slower cpu?


We're some of the folks who aren't thrilled with the new talking remotes versus the legacy 2-devices remotes. Specifically, we miss the one-button (*) on/off for closed captioning, and the one-button (#) for enlarging SD content to overscan to the top/side screen edges without shadowboxes.


For the closed captioning single-button deficiency on the new remote, you can talk to the new remote to ask for closed captioning to be turned on/off, but it takes a few seconds of "Processing..." before the One or the Mini reacts.


There's a "stretch" setting you can get to within a submenu, but that just eliminates the sides shadowbox with the corresponding distortion. Spent a long time with Support online, but there doesn't seem to be a workaround. You get the added benefits of the new talking remote and BlueTooth, or you can continue to use the old legacy 2-devices remote without BlueTooth (so you continue to need line-of-sight).


For the TV user that consumes old movies in SD (like those on TCM and other channels) and doesn't want to revert to smaller images with 4-sides shadowboxes, we've purchased a legacy 2-devices remote for the single-button (#) size function.


Of course, none of our needs may affect you, so as always, your mileage may vary. Cheers!

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