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Apple TV connection with FIOS mobile

Apple TV connection with FIOS mobile

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I have a Samsung phone.

It allows me to mirror my screen otuside of the app.

So I can use that to mirror to my Roku or Samsung TV.

Not sure if Apple has that capabilty?

If not built in, is there an app that supports it.

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Copper Contributor Mrs_Dean_Wormer
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Exactly.  I've been banging my head till I realized it was just the Fios app that wouldn't stream.  This is going to have the opposite of their desired effect on me. I certainly won't be asking for another box from them.

Contributor fedva36
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Same problem. Verizon confirmed the removal of the AirPlay connectivity from their updated app.  That was a %ick move.  I'm certainly looking at other options.  Not interested in renting three additional Verizon set top boxes. Afteral, we are in the 21st century. Most annoying on the part of Verizon. 

Contributor Heather0990
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I have had the same exact problem. It started in February. Are you also located in New York? I have tried everything. Any other app will mirror fine. If I download the food network or abc app they live as normal. It's only with the Fios app that I can't mirror to the Apple TV. So far I haven't found any solution. 

Copper Contributor novajeff
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This is absolutely unbelievable. How stupid is Verizon to think that this will generate more revenue from box rental? All it's going to do is get people to simply cut the cord. PlayStation TV, Roku, Amazon, Apple TV, or even maybe Comcast is the way to go now. 


Verizon is now actually worse than comcast I think. 


What a scam to sign people up on contract touting this feature of streaming to Apple TV via the app, and then take it away. 

Copper Contributor Mrs_Dean_Wormer
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I'm almost afraid to type this in case it's a mistake, but ours is working again, or it did tonight at least.  I turned on the Fios app and had to "agree" with some document (which I suspected had to do with Apple TV) and poof, it is working again!

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So I can pay a premium to Fios on all the movies I buy for my family, along with the SEVEN boxes in my house, but these **bleep** won't let me stream to my Apple TV?  At least with Apple I can download and burn my media. This is UNACCEPTABLE. 

Contributor Heather0990
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Ever since reading your post I went back and tried to airplay the app and it did work. First on my iPad but it cuts out on my phone I have no problem. Maybe with all of our complaints someone took notice? 

Contributor FreeHugh
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Doesn't work for me. I just downloaded the Fios Mobile App yesterday and can't get AirPlay to work to view the content on my big screen. I'm trying to take advantage of the "free" movies until 4/30/17 and there aren't any! Not sure what their promotion for this is attempting to accomplish. Not happy!

Contributor Agro
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Indeed, it works, but very unstable: stops every few minutes. Longest was 20 min and then its stopped. (On my i phone). Same on the Ipad: works 10 mins and stopped. Not really solved

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