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Audio Volume Level change when watching Fios cable TV

Audio Volume Level change when watching Fios cable TV

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I have a fios cable box and i have a samsung sound bar hooked up to the cable box. I use the optical cable from the fios box to the sound bar. The reason i dont plug the sound bar into my TV is becasue i am using a projecter downstairs. The problem i am having is the volume always changes when watching TV. Either from comericals, different station etcc. Sometimes its loud then low then loud. It drives me crazy. I did go to settings and set the volume on auto. I also changed the dynamic to all different ways, but still nothing. I then went in the secret menu pressing ok 2x and went into audio out and changed it from auto to L pcm or something like that. Nothing again. Does anyone know whats going on here? and if there is a fix that i am not seeing.


I also have a sound bar upstairs, but thats hooked up right to my TV samsung. I think why i wdont have a prblem there is because if you go into samsung setting there is auto volume. Which i guess level's out the audio when watching different programs.

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A lot of this has to do with Dolby Digital sound vs PCM sound.   Dolby Digital sound has its low volume level set lower. 


Also see what you have Dynamic range (menu/audio & video/Audio/Dynamic Range) set to.   Personally I prefer Dynamic range set to none, but setting it to light or heavy will even out volume somewhat.


Although rules from a few years ago helped limit Commercials volume, this is still sometimes a problem caused by them trying to get your attention during their ads.

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I have the same problem.  The volume varies when watching a program, not just when commercials are on.  My cable Box (DVR) connects to my receiver via HDMI, which connects to the HDMI port on the TV.  Sometimes the background sounds are much louder than the dialogue.  It happens occasionally during live TV.  It happens more often when watching a recording.  I have changed the audio output of the cable box to L-PCM.  The receiver is set to AFD-Auto (as recorded without enhancement).  I've changed cables twice.  The sound settings are set to no compression.  Could the cable box be defective?

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Try connecting STB straight to TV and see if it varies.

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Have the same trouble when I switch from my firestick HDMI 1 to my fios stb hdmi 3. The stick is pcm and the stb is Dolby. The volume difference is remarkable. Stb sounds muddied in comparison to the stick. Very disappointed with the sound of the stb

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