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Audio cuts out and video "freezes" every 10-15 seconds

Audio cuts out and video "freezes" every 10-15 seconds

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So I recently switched to Verizon (about 2 weeks ago) for internet and tv.  After about a week (with no video or audio issues), I decided that I wanted to get a DVR.  So they shipped me a DVR Set Top Box - model is CHS 435HDC.


When watching live TV the problem isnt THAT bad...every 1-2 minutes the audio will cut out and the video will pixelate for about 1 second, and then it continues right along.


When watching a TV show that I recorded on the DVR it is REALLY bad...basically unwatchable.  The audio and video will cut out briefly every 10-15 seconds, then it continues along normally for another 10 seconds or so then it cuts out for a second and continues again.


Obviously I'm going to ask for a different DVR to be sent to me but if it happens again with the next box I may just cancel and switch back to the "other guy".  This is a pretty bad start to what I thought would be a new and better experience.  (Im not even going to go into the horrible on-demand menu system.)


Wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem before with their DVR?




(Dont know if it matters but I am in Maryland)

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Generally but not always pixelation and picture break up is an issue with the signal to the set top box. Sometimes it's as simple as a loose coax cable, or the connector has come loose from the cable itself. There are other causes, but those are the easiest to start checking. I have sent you a private message to your forums inbox.

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Thanks for your response.  I will respond to your private message.  The DVR is now making strange scratching noises and I now have to uplug the dvr completely, plug it back in and wait for it to boot and then I can watch TV.  It no longer records my shows...the last one it was supposed to record stopped at the 18 minute mark.


The last time it it went though a boot up it gave me a message that said something like an unknown external harddrive is connected and if I accept my recording will be erased...something like that.  No idea what that means.





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I got a replacement DVR and it is working perfectly.  Im going to mark this as resolved.


Thank you,



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My fios has been cutting out(Freezing audio and video)  for over a month now. Had 2 repairmen here 2 different times. Had 2 of the 5 settop boxes replaced, the battery backup replaced, the last time they cut out the connection that has been there for 5 years with NO problems..Still have the same problem. I will try one more time, with the next repairmen.. It that doesn't work then its back to DIRECT TV...The Internet is Great, the FIOS TV has many problems

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