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Audio video out of sync on all HD cable and local channels

Audio video out of sync on all HD cable and local channels

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        I've seen other posts on this subject, some people blaming LG TV's and others explaining to change to another channel and then back.

        I've got a Panasonic Viera and it does the exact same thing. The problem is with the Motorola DVR STB's in HD mode. I've called the Tech support line for the past 9months and they don't have a clue. They give the standard "Microsoft" answer to reboot the STB. Well sure a reboot will solve the sync problem temporarily, but the real issue has got to do with to HD channels.

        Example: I goto channel 600(CNN) and everything is fine. I select the widget button and bring up the weather widget and then exit the widget. This causes the audio to be out of sync. To put it back into sync I can goto a non-HD channel i.e.. channel 100(CNN non HD) and then back to channel 600(CNN HD) and the audio is back in sync. The only hardware that was changed to cause it to go out of sync and then back into sync was the Motorola DVR HD STB.

        Verizon has changed the DVR HD STB multiple times without any success. My NON HD STB's and TV's do not have this problem.

         In conclusion the audio-video sync problem has got to be a bug in the hardware or software of the Motorola DVR HD STB. Now if Verizon is finally listening they should report my analysis of the problem directly to the Motorola DVR STB engineering group.

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Sorry you were having issues w/ audio sync. Try bypassing Onkyo system and going directly to TV w/ component cables. Sync issue could be a result of HDMI firmware hand shake problem. Then from TV you can use the optical out to Onkyo system.



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I have problems with this audio out of sync issue too.  It is by far worst on FOX 4 here in Dallas (504 in HD).  My newer Mortorola seems worse than the older.


I think it is wrong for FIOS technicians to tell you to try component instead of HDMI to solve the problem.  We know that will solve the sync issue, but we should have the right to use HDMI.  These convertors are $16 a month and do not work properly.


My LG T.V. does just fine with the Blu-Ray player in the other HDMI port.


I am hoping to have a Super Bowl party and am faced with a nast out of sync audio issue.  It's embarassing frankly for the cost of the equipment in my media center.


Changing channels does not usually help me, because coming back to FOX means coming back to a horrible out of sync audio problem.


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Check your manual on your reciever. There should be a setting for timing and you can sync it properly on some models.
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