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Beware if you upgrade to the new FIOS ONE boxes

Beware if you upgrade to the new FIOS ONE boxes

Copper Contributor CMG19
Copper Contributor
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I upgraded to the the FIOS ONE boxes and totally regret it - the only positive thing is the boxes are small and the mini’s connect wireless.  I have had nothing but problems whenever I switch from my SONY Bravia apps back to TV - it can’t find the signal and I end up having to unplug the box which is the DVR box so it screws all the other TV’s in the house, then sometimes that doesn’t fix it so I have to change the HDMI plug input and also uplug the TV I also found that when I hit pause on the TV that has the DVR box it pauses other TV’s even if they aren’t on the same channel and those TV’s freeze and have to have the box unplugged to get them back to normal. 

I also had the problem of my TV freezing for a few seconds and loosing sound, I did contact tech support and they did something on their end which worked for a few days.

I am at the point where I will be switching providers as soon as my stupid contract is over in 6 months.  I am done with Verizon

Beware if you upgrade - its nothing but a nightmare and I’m sorry I did!!!

If anyone has any ideas why all this is happening I’d love to hear ........

Copper Contributor stevetrigs7
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I’ve had essentially the same exact experience. It was rolled out too early... way too many issues. 

Copper Contributor HB12345
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thanks for the warning! 

Contributor elliotg1266
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done it, ditto

Copper Contributor GRECON19
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I had the same problem and they finally sent a tech out - turns out the new boxes use a different signal than the old ones so if you have old wiring you will have an issue.  The tech replaced the wires and the issue is resolved.  Now we have issue with the pause button pausing all the TV's not just the one.

Contributor gambri536
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did you find the fix for this? same issue with sony tv here

Copper Contributor GRECON19
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No have been told lots of solutions but nothing has worked.  It was even doing it the other night when we watched a recorded show from last week and the TV in the other room was watchign live TV and the sound and picture started acting up on that TV.  Had to reboot main box to fix it.

We were told we have too many boxes and even though they are supposed to be independent something is happening where one is controling the other - sounds lame to me.  It is obviousely a box issue and the engineers need to find out why the new boxes do this if there are multiple boxes in the house.  I'm ready to switch companies.

Contributor Jenjen1387
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Just upgraded and having the and problems. So annoyed that I already sent back my old equipment. 

Contributor Teresny
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Registered: ‎07-27-2019
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Same problem, but how did you manage to get a tech - they just outright refuse even though following their suggestions and calling multiple times does nothing.

Silver Contributor III Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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Go to dslreports.com and post your problem in the Verizon Direct forum. That is a direct connection to Fios tech, and you should get an answer fairly quickly.

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