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Both cables boxes lost signal;displaying dashes;no service

Both cables boxes lost signal;displaying dashes;no service

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My cable service was fine this afternoon. I came back home at night and turned tv on. The channels weren't working, so I followed the steps and then got instructions to reboot. Once that happened the screen is now stuck on the Verizon screen where it says there's seems to be an issue getting a signal...blah ah. I've unplugged everything, rebooted and no signal. I have no tv, cable or phone. Verizon said either it's the battery back up or a cut fiber cable outside. Thoughts? I live in a coop FYI. Are those cables secured I a box?
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The fiber runs to an ONT. You need to find the ONT and check it's status lights.  There is a light that indicates if the fiber has signal.  No signal, no service.  Verizon will need to fix that.  Verizon should also be able to tell remotely if they can talk to your ONT.


The ONT is the box that converts the light signal on the fiber into electrical signals for phone, TV and internet.  It has power, fiber, copper (for phone) and coax (for TV and internet) attached to it.  Some setups may have Ethernet.  Most ONTs have a door that can be opened by the user to reveal the connections and status lights.


If you live in a single family home, the ONT is located either on the side of the building or inside in a utility area.  It is typically located where the utilities enter your building.


If you live in an apartment building, you may have an ONT in your unit.  Follow your coax until you see where it goes.  You may also have a "multi dwelling unit" ONT (MDU) that serves more than one apartment.  Depending on the physical arrangement of your building, a MDU may serve a group of units, a floor, floors or even the entire building.  MDUs are typically located in a common utility room or on the outside of the building near where all the phone and coax lines from the units converge.  They have similar wires attached to them as the single user ONTs, just lots more of them. They are typically not that user accessible.


If you're served by an MDU and the fiber isn't working, your neighbors will have lost service as well.


ONTs need power to operate.  They have a battery unit that supplies backup power.  If the ONT isn't getting power the battery will only last up to 8 hours (phone only).  That could also be the problem.  When you find the ONT, check that it has power (no lights at all, no power).


Good Luck.


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