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Brand new Vizio will cannot use HDMI from Motorola set top box?

Brand new Vizio will cannot use HDMI from Motorola set top box?

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My PS3 hooks up fine.  I have checked every forum, every connection, every suggestion.  Officially Verizon says a fix is coming.  Until then, I have a 1080P TV which is limited to 1080I because of the component cabling workaround.  Is there a fix coming?  Any idea when?  It's a cable - what is the problem?  As I said - my several year old Sony hooked right up.  


Another idea - is it possible to run an additional coax from RF out on the set top to my DTV / ANT in on the TV and get full 1080P?

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component cables get 1080p.  The real question is whether or not your vizio is limited to 1080i on it's component inputs in the back of it.     Also re: the HDMI thing - you may want to check with vizio's forums to see if you are using their latest firmware. 


Also FYI   Verizon doesn't offer ANY programming in 1080p.


1080 i and 720p is the best that you will get out of VOD or broadcast TV with Verizon Fios.


There isn't a broadcaster out there right now that is shooting over programming in 1080P.


the closest you would get to that for tv programs is VOD on a satellite provider, and they have limited 1080p selections.  I haven't even heard a whisper about verizon offering 1080 p at all for any of their VOD's or Broadcast pictures.  

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Got it - but for clarification...  The TV is is 120mhz 1080p with four HDMI inputs.  The FIOS box wont put a picture on ANY of the HDMIs but WILL with a five cable component setup.  My PS3 will gladly use any of the 4 HDMI inputs.


I followed the online technical assistance "tree" through Verizon and ended with a message stating that there is a problem between some set tops and certain TVs.  We all know that Motorola is one of the "standard" products Verizon uses and Vizio has, in the last 5 years become one of the biggest producers of LCDs.  Mine is brand new.  My set-top box was also replaced late summer by a frustrated tech who assumed that lightening had knocked out my HDMI.  They replaced the outside interface, the garage interface, and the set-top.  No luck.  I didn't have the PS3 at the time so I couldn't test it at any other time.  What I do know is that in replacing all components from the street, Verizon also flashed the system with the latest firmware.  Since then.  HDMI and FIOS do NOT work.  Oddly, I helped install a relatives Vizio on a smaller screen with a seemingly different box to HDMI and he was fine.


My word to Verizon is, if you want me to pay for a different box - let me know!  I'll do it!  If my Motorola has some insurmountable problem conveying HD through HDMI, let me know!  I will pay for a new, fancier box.  My problem right now is, do I return the TV to Costco and live with the 60mhz 1080i TV from 2006.  I don't seem to have the infrastructure (FIOS) to support the new purchase.



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personally, I think you should be able to get the HDMI to work in some fashion  what's wierd to me is that you're getting no signal on all the 4 hdmi inputs.   it sounds a little like the hdmi on the STB might be burned out.  Do you by chance have a 2nd hd box in your house?  why don't you bring it over to this room and hook it up and see if it does the same thing.  at least you can find out if it's truly the box, or if your tv truly just doesn't like the motorola HD boxes.  a lot of people have vizio's so I can't imagine it not being compatible.   



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I have two brand new Vizio TVs both not top of the line. 720p. The are both connected HDMI. First on 7216 DVR and second on 7100P1 STB. Both with the Verizon supplied HDMI cables.


What model hardware do you have? "seemingly different box" I have not heard of the QIP-6xxx boxes specificly having HDMI issues, but you may want to see if you can swap out the Verizon hardware for the QIP-7xxx series hardware.

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Using the Vizio set up instructions including swiching from the Verizon FIOS controller to the Vizio controller, a brand new Vizio 42 inch flat screen TV works fine (480 resolution) with A/V component connections between the Motororla STB and the TV.  HDMI connection will produce a 1080 picture but only on the channel that is tuned in.  Attempts to change channels results in a "No channels available" message in the upper right corner.  Switching the  "Input" setting back to A/V results (after a short delay)  in return to FIOS TV as usual with 480 resolution and functional channel switching..  Anyone have a similar experience?    

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I have a new VIZIO  E37OVL LCD HDTV. I have Verizon FIOS with a motorola set top box.  This new TV is installed in the bedroom. There is a SONY Bravia TV in the living room with a HD DVR set top box.


Problem : When I turn off the TV and then turn it on a few hours later I get a Not support Error.  I try rebooting the box and ultimately within about 15 minutes I get a picture.  Actually if I turn it on and leave the room and do no rebooting the same delay occurs- first a not support error and then the screen goes blank after a few minutes and then pulses for awhile until I finally get a picture and sound.


Very annoying to have to turn the TV on 15 minutes before you want to use. it.  The Verizon people say it is the TV- the Vizio that it is the box. If I change the HDMI from DVD player from one port to another it works so Vizio says that proves it is the box not the TV. 


Is there a solution to this?  If it is an incompatibility problem with the Motorola box why does Verizon not offer an alternative box.

Where I live there are lots of people buying VIZIO tvs. 




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experiment with the video settings. 


fios - press menu > settings > video settings > video format  = 1080i on my tv,  but I put it on 720p (I like the picture better)

the next one is important.

fios - press menu > settings > video settings > SD Override = I have it set to off, and allow my tv to handle the formatting here, and my tv handles it better than the motorola box and makes for a pretty smooth experience.  


The SD override, is where you'll have to experiment,  your TV may not like SD override being set to off, so switch it to 480p, or i and see if it responds better.    I don't think the HD setting will matter much, but you can play with 1080i and 720p and see which your tv likes better.

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Hubrisnxs, on any sizable TV, there should be a significant difference in quality between a 720p and a 1080i picture in terms of clarity.  Can you try to explain why you would set this to 720p, it seems counterintuitive.



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I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it's not.  


720p doesn't actually turn out to be less resolution than 1080i, 



  • Experts agree that progressive scanning is the best format for capture, transmission and display.
  • In side-by-side subjective testing performed by the Advanced Television Test Center under the auspices of the FCC’s Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Services (ACATS), it was shown that 720P had "no artifacts" under a variety of conditions, while 1080I, under the same conditions, showed "increasing quantization noise and blockiness…" Nevertheless, these distinctions are slight, and the ACATS took pains to note that there was no substantive difference in picture quality between the two formats.
  • In the time it takes 720p to paint 720 lines, 1080i paints only 540 lines. And, by the time 1080i does paint 1080 lines, 720p has painted 1440 lines. 

a couple of great quotes supporting 720p over 1080i can be found below 

In the United States, 720p is the preferred format for ESPN, Fox, ABC, A&E Television Networks, Ion Television, DirecTV's The 101 Network, and Epix (TV network). 
 720p has higher vertical resolution than 1080i (720 lines versus 540 lines), making it preferable for sporting events such as auto racing and basketball that move at a very fast pace on live television.
"In a 50-inch plasma display with an array of 1366x768 pixels, the pitch of individual pixels is typically less than 1 mm (about 0.9 mm), which equals 0.039 inches. Do the math, and you'll see that standing 10 feet from a 50-inch plasma means you can barely perceive the HD pixel structure, and that's only if you have 20-20 vision." 
"The number of lines of resolution in Progressive and interlace pictures are not an "apples-to-apples" comparison. In the time it takes 720p to paint 720 lines, 1080i paints only 540 lines. And, by the time 1080i does paint 1080 lines, 720p has painted 1440 lines. 

Contrast and brightness have a greater impact on the human visual system than does resolution. The 720p picture is brighter and has greater contrast than the 1080i picture. 

In side-by-side subjective testing performed by the Advanced Television Test Center under the auspices of the FCC’s Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Services (ACATS), it was shown that 720p had "no artifacts" under a variety of conditions, while 1080i, under the same conditions, showed "increasing quantization noise and blockiness…" Nevertheless, these distinctions are slight, and the ACATS took pains to note that there was no substantive difference in picture quality between the two formats. " 


with all that being said, why deal with flicker, jaggies, poorer contrast & color, low frame rates, increasing quantization noise, artifacts inherent in 1080i?   


I definetely concede that opinion plays a lot into this so to me its simply a matter of what looks best to you on your tv. I like how my 720 looks over my 1080. If you can see a difference, ill trust you. I notice very little difference but for when im watching sports or high action movies, otherwise its all very similiar.    

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