Cable card re-validation

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Cable card re-validation

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I need help getting a cablecard paired / re-validated in an HDHomeRun PRIME.


When I try to tune and view any channels, I just get a black screen.


The card seems to be activated, but I cannot get any channels.


I have contacted a verizon chat representative, but he couldn't get the card paired after manually validating and resetting the device multiple times.  He then asked me to call the {edited for privacy} activation number. But when I call, the automated system says I'm already activated. When using Verizon home agent, I get "CableCARD activation failed"


Under the Conditional Access screen, the CON = No.


The VCTID: 0 and I am supposed to ask for a “cold init” or “DAC init” on the card?


Can someone help?

       Conditional Access
UnitAddress: 000-01037-44712-164
Encryption: DES
EMM CSN: 0xA5/A6 unknown
Con: No EBCP: Yes Val: V 0x00 <---------

CableCARD(tm) Pairing
In order to start cable service
for this device, please contact
your cable provider
        1-888-897-7499 <--------- card already activated

CableCARD ID: 000-103-744-712-3
Host ID: 064-320-680-441-8
Data&colon; 188-163-684-52

UnitAddress: 000-01037-44712-164
Card S/N: MA1436EJ9672
eCM MAC: Unknown
Host MAC: 00:18:DD:31:D3:1F
Host Type: One-way


CableCARD Status
Card Manufacturer
Card Authentication
success <---------------card is authenticated and validated
Card Validation
3DES encryption
OOB Frequency
75.250 MHz
OOB Lock
2.048 Mbps
Signal Strength
100% (3.4 dBmV)
Signal Quality
100% (51.7 dB)
Channel List
None <--------------- NO Channels found


        Network Setup

OOB Mode:  OOB  GTC:  Unknown
2-Way:  Unknown 
Rx RF Freq: 75.25-NT  LKC: 75.25N
Tx RF Freq: ---.--  Power: --
RF-OOB Status:  IDLE
EMM ID/PID:  1/0x1503
VCTID: 0  OOB Msgs:  1627 <-------------- vctid=0
  VCT: 0 OOB-rate: 2
  NIT: 87   XAIT: 0
  NTT: 405   CVT: 0
  STT: 14   EAS: 0
Full Tx:  0 Full Rx: 0  

If the VCTID is 0, this indicates that the cable provider has not yet initialized the CableCARD. Contact the provider and ask them to perform a “cold init” or “DAC init” on the card.

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Re: Cable card re-validation

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You can't cold in it a cable card. The card may need to be paired again. Did you give the pairing info when you called in? Call again whoever you talked to didn't know what they were doing.

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Re: Cable card re-validation

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I gave them the CableCARD ID, Host ID, and Data ID. Not sure if they did anything with it.  He only asked for the serial number of my "TIVO" which I think was the serial number of the motorola cable card.

I'll try another agent.



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