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Cable splitters for fios t.v.

Cable splitters for fios t.v.

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A tech mentioned I should use no less than a 1000mhz (1 Ghz) rated splitter to divide the there any harm in using one ranging from 5-2300mhz...could it help or diminish the picture 

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BTW...Don't want to pay for the name (mnstr) Is Phillips or G.E. suitable as long as the Mhz rating is good ?

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Hi, we recommend PDI rated @ 5-1000MHZ  will a different brand work, yes shouldnt make a difference. Brett

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One other caution. if you are splitting a cable that is connected to one of the Verizon full size STB's make sure that you are getting a bi-directional splitter. NOT a uni-directional splitter. If you use a uni-directional you will loose the VOD, IMG, widgets, and other interactive features. If you are not going to have a Verizon STB on that line but instead a TIVO, Digital adaptor, cable card or other 3rd party device, then it doesnt matter


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Well I have used the one from Radio Shack with out a problem. $20 for 4-way bidirectional and $10 for 2-way.





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There are plenty of splitters that should work, but maybe this will give you some direction. I have a 2-way splitter from Verizon that I am currently not using, the brand name is PDI, here is the info from the label on the splitter:




5-1000 MHz Combo-wave


I think the above is correct, the print is so small it is very hard for these old eyes to read.


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Thanks to all for the help...It was part of a bigger problem, but answered along the way...this stuff could drive you crazy so something in here might be helpful for someone else.

Problem Solved On this end, and then some...

Previous owner had cable feed coming from the attic, going to a six way splitter (listed as 11 db loss for each) in the basement. There's a two-way between the only HD and the modem in the living room going under wall to wall to the basement (and the six way)..

My original problem was HD channels (only) freezing, with some audio cut out,more so at night.

First, I put the feed from the attic to a two-way (900mhz at that). First leg goes to the livingroom two way (between the TV and modem). Second leg went to an old 4-way which went to 4 basic (no dvr) boxes. In-band status jumped from 30-32 db to a steady 36.0 (on the HD NESN), skipping and freezing on HD now solved!

But then...(since both splitters I used to replace the original six-way were old and probably junk) the three bedrooms (and probably the one downstairs) were cutting out..I'm feeling good after solving the HD freezing issue so I'm on it. Shopping for a new two-way and four way and heard HD needs atleast 1000mhz. Thought bigger was better and got 2300mhz which pixelated the basic TV's like crazy/ wrong frequency (didn't effect the HD). Switched to 1000mhz two-way and four-way and second problem solved (for the most part).

The solution actually had the two-way (and only) a threeway, which left out the TV down stairs (they were the PDI 1000mhz from Verizon), so I needed a four-way to wrap the whole thing up.  4-ways were limited (and a TV still might have cut-out slightly) so I found an RCA 4-way/amplifier to see how things go.

Before the amp (and after cutting that six-way to a 2-way and then a 4-way)  I was already at 36.0 db in the living room for HD NESN and the same for the basic nesn's. After, the basics went to 37dB and the HD hasn't really changed but still in the steady 36.0's (can someone say for sure that 37.0 is about tops?). Picture now looks excellent all over, and wondering if Verizon is hiring. Bottom line was that my cable coming in was getting hacked by that six-way and dropping my signal to 32.0 dB!  I'd suggest finding out what your signal reads and following your cable (each split cuts the signal by 3.5 db at least)!Getting the HD feed from the main two-way fixed the HD, and making sure the splitters were 1000mhz took care of the basic sets. Who knows how much better the amp makes things (only a listed gain of 4dB per and a return of 7dB), but either way I've got 5 sets and a modem so it shouldn't hurt..Good luck to all and thanks to the tech that came out to get the ball rolling (after helpful but limited support over the phone)...

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