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CableCard Problem - No more Fox channels - Copy Once Flag Turned on

CableCard Problem - No more Fox channels - Copy Once Flag Turned on

Contributor Sailing1919
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Registered: ‎08-18-2015
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Has anyone heard if this is affecting Comcast/Xfinity?  People on here suggested it was Fox's doing; however, I can't find anyone online complianing about Xfinity losing Fox channels with their cablecards.

Contributor mars11
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I have a Ceton cable card tuner and I was considering switching to MediaPortal. I am currently using WMC so I can't tell if the copy once flag is set. Is it just the Fox HD channels that are copy once or are the regular Fox channels such as 117 and 118 copy freely? Is there a way to check the CCI flag? Thanks,

Contributor TomH_US
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Registered: ‎10-16-2015
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I did not discover this problem here in Dallas until the new season of an FX show came on in September.  I have been paying for something I wasn't getting - all the Fox channels.  I have a TIVO series HD3, and Elite, and the next model after the Elite. The only information that the field service tech could find on the Verizon internal chatter for the support group was that there was an "issue" with TIVO and the Fox channels.  There was no solution.  I spent, over the course of many nights, 15 hours with various support reps pairing the M motorola cards multiple times to no avail.


After searching the TIVO and other forums, I pieced together that cards need to be revalidated using the existing information on the TIVO Cablecard pairing information screen, THEN you needed to refresh the TIVO Cablecard pariing screen.  The Data ID will change from what was validated in the first step.  You then give the new Data ID number to support person and have them do a MANUAL validation and enter the new data ID.  Worked like a charm.

Contributor jjfutt
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Registered: ‎09-23-2017
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In case this help someone else: 


The tip shared by user  ynk1121 is absolutely correct. Most of the Fox channels were not showing up thorugh my Cable Card (with HD Home Run). 


I called Verizon Customer service and described to them the need to revalidate/reload the cable card manually, and just like ynk1121 had suggested, they already knew about it, took about 3 minutes, and after their revalidation, missing channels showed up. 


Thanks ynk1121. 

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