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Caller ID and FIOS TV

Contributor Magnakev
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I've had FIOS for quite some time now and have been told numerous times that Verizon is "working" on displaying the calling parties Caller ID info to the TV.  When I was with Direct TV I had phone service from the local phone company and Direct TV set boxes and they figured it out. 


What is taking Verizon so long to get it integrated? 


Any comments

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Bronze Contributor I
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Dish Network and DirecTV have a phone jack into their receivers. I imagine that it's pretty easy programatically to capture the caller ID from that port. With a single line into the FiOS receivers, perhaps it's a little more difficult to implement, but as a TELCO Verizon should figure it out.


I am a little disappointed that, from what I've read, Verizon only intends to make the function available for digital voice customers - so effectively you have to upgrade. They should be able to make this function available to all their FiOS TV customers.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Like you, I have no idea why Verizon has not provided Caller Id on the TV. A couple of thoughts:


1) All of the FiOS signals (phone,TV if you have it, internet if you have it) come into the ONT on the fiber, and are split out from there. Clearly it should be possible to take the Caller Id info from the phone circuits in the ONT and put them on the internet circuits, coax or Cat 5.


2) If you have Verion Call Assistant (VCA) and have the VCA PC client installed, it pops up a little window with the Caller Id info a second or two before the phones even start ringing (at least it does in my house). That tells me that somehow the Caller Id info has come into my PC through the router, so the info is available and could be sent to the STBs via the MOCA interface on the coax. 


My guess is that there are several problem areas: the ONT may not have the electrical connections/programming to separate out the Caller Id info and route it properly (I don't know how VCA works, where it gets its data), the Router probably does not have the necessary programming to send the info to the STBs, and the STBs themselves probably don't have the programming to accept the info and merge it into the data sent to the TV. The routers and the STBs are pretty small and slow devices, they may not have enough memory to even do this. And if the ONT doesn't have the circuitry, it would mean replacing all of the ONTs, and expensive step.


It should certainly be possible, and I wish Verizon would step up and do it. After all, every time the phone rings I have to lower the footrest on my recliner and reach over to pick up my cordless phone to see who is calling, what a waste of my time and energy   Smiley Very Happy


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Bronze Contributor II
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Is there a way to tell if you have digital voice or not?
Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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If you have verizon digital voice, you would be able to log into http://verizon.com/fiosvoice using your primary email username and password.
Copper Contributor MacMDB
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what is the diffrence between the regular FIOS phone and FIOS with digital voice? 
Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Not a whole lot for the exception of the FiOS Digital Voice control panel which my link goes to.


It  is VoIP just like vontage, comcast digital voice, etc....with the exception that your ONT which hangs on the outside of the house will act as the "telephony" adapter.

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Gold Contributor IV
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until Fios Digital voice is out network wide we may not see Caller ID on the Fios TV screen but things change on a daily basis

Copper Contributor KJLM
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I miss not having caller-id display on my TV and I don't really understand why they haven't implemented this (being they ARE the phone company). I have the Verizon Call Assistant on my PC (with Media Manager). If Media Manager can send music, pictures and video to my DVR why can't it (or VCA) send the Caller Id info too? Maybe you could just roll the VCA into the Media Manager App.


How does the VCA get the Caller ID info? Couldn't the DVR obtain the info the same way? It's almost embarrassing that the "cable company" has caller id when you subscribe to their digital phone but the Telephone company does not!

Contributor mesostinky2
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Fios telephone service isn't voip? And yes not having caller id is jarring after switching from cablevision. Having to go get the phone when its ringing just to see its some telemarketer is annoying.

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