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Caller ID on TV, Verizon I want that hour of my life back!

Caller ID on TV, Verizon I want that hour of my life back!

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We hear the confusion and we are working to get you some clear understanding of what is required to get Caller ID on your FiOS TV.  Please stay tuned.

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Thanks to everyone for the interest in our Caller ID for FiOS TV service.  Verizon has begun offering Caller ID for FiOS TV at no charge to FiOS voice and video customers.  Caller ID for FiOS TV is currently available in Massachusetts, Downstate New York, Upstate New Jersey, Rhode Island and Texas, and it’s coming soon to additional markets.


To get Caller ID for FiOS TV, you need FiOS TV with a set-top box and either of the following:


FiOS Digital Voice




FiOS voice service and FiOS Internet and Verizon Call Assistant (must have all three)


You should use your remote control and Interactive Media Guide (IMG) to check your eligibility for Caller ID for FiOS TV.


  • Menu > Settings> Caller ID


If the Caller ID section is not available under Settings, it means the service hasn’t launched in your area; your services don’t meet the Caller ID for FiOS TV requirements; and/or your set-top box isn’t Caller ID for FiOS TV capable.


Some customers may see a message that “Caller ID for FiOS TV isn’t available in your area at this time.”


If Caller ID is available to you, the system will prompt you through the set up.  If you are not a FiOS Digital Voice customer, the first step will be to activate a free subscription to Verizon Call Assistant service, if you don’t already subscribe to it.  (Verizon Call Assistant also offers online access to your Caller ID messages, and voicemail, via the Internet, but there’s no obligation to go online and activate these features if you’re not interested in them.  The online voicemail features are not currently available in all areas).


Some additional information:


  • Once you’ve activated Caller ID, you may not see alerts for 24-48 hours.
  • All ONT types are compatible with Caller ID for FiOS TV
  • All Verizon-supplied router types are compatible with Caller ID for FiOS TV
  • Some older set-top boxes may be unable to provide Caller ID for FiOS TV
  • You’ll need to activate Caller ID for FiOS TV on each set-top box where you want the service.

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I am actually relieved to find this forum.  I just became a Massachusetts fios customer yesterday and cannot get the caller id feature to work on the TV.  My biggest frustration is that I have spent close to four hours  today on the phone being transferred  between departments and receiving conflicting information.  I have probably spoken to 11 different verizon reps just today.  I am getting  the message on the tv that says I do not have caller id even though I do.  I am new to verizon but this terrible customer service.




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Call and get Verizon Call Assistant added to your phone service.  It's a free service.  I suggest you use the online chat available on your My Verizon page to place the order.  (Click on "contact us" at the bottom of the first page after you login to My Verizon.)  It will take two days to get it activated, but then your FiOS TV caller ID should work.

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All three of my STBs have been enabled for Caller ID.  I am able to see Caller ID displayed on the TV connected to my QIP 7100-1 HD STB.  So far, I have not been able to see Caller ID displayed on the TVs connected to my QIP 6416-2 HD DVR or to my QIP 2500-3 SD STB.


As I have no need for, nor interest in, Call Assist, and understand it is definitely not required to utilize Caller ID, I do not have it installed in my PC.


Could seeing Caller ID displayed on only one of my three TVs just be a question of waiting another day or two?  Or should I phone for tech support?

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Is there a Verizon Tech here who can assist with my message of December 25th?

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Call Assistant IS REQUIRED.  It doesn't matter if you use the PC client software or web functions or not though a Call Assistant account is MANDATORY.  Why?   The STBs' receive caller ID messages from the same servers that the PC Software and web portal use.


A few STBs to not support CID - they include the Digital Adapters, QIP2500-1 and 2.


Note the prerequisites posted by the VZ reps above.


Now, if I could only get Verizon to show interest in and escalate the issue with QIP2500-3 STBs losing access to the WAN every 12 hours.


Any good Verizon people want to take a shot at this one and be a hero to many good FiOS customers in desperate need? Check this thread out:


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Let me point out that there is one exception to the Call Assistant requirement and that is Digital Voice.  Sorry that I didn't mention that in my last message.


As for the servers, that information was provided to me by a Verizon tech from the Call Assistant / iobi group.


The tech group can be reached at: 888-483-5156  <--- Call Assistant - STB CID /  iobi tech support ONLY.  They can help with CID issues on the STBs as well as they have the ability to check the servers and see if they are receiving CID information for your account and so forth.


Do not call if your STB doesn't support CID or if it is NOT AVAILABLE per your box... there is nothing they can do about that.


Hope the above info helps.


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This issue began for me about three weeks ago, I was never able to get it resolved.  I finally gave up hounding tech support.


My 1 year contract ended yesterday, I had them shut off my service this morning and I switched to comcast.  An hour and a half after the comcast tech leaves, what happens?  I receive an email stating:

"Congratulations! You got Verizon Call Assistant"


Figures!  Oh well, Comcast was offering me a better price and I have had enough of dealing with Verizon's support.

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I was able to get on screen caller ID, but then we had something done to our internet service and now we can't get it, even though it's enabled. We had this filter on our router that was making our Internet signal very weak, but they removed it and it's stronger than ever now. Now what needs to be done?

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