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Can I direct connect FIOS service to a TV without any boxes or adapters?

Can I direct connect FIOS service to a TV without any boxes or adapters?

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I just built a new small bedroom in my basement, and am about to buy a new 22" flat screen TV that will be hung on the wall. If the cabling is split with a bi-directional splitter, do I need to have another adapter in my house? I already have 2 of them plus a box, and a DVR in the livingroom- I'm not trying to add more to my already high Verizon bill. If I need to have a box, I may reconsider putting cable in the room. Any thoughts anyone has would be great.


P.S. Are bi-directional splitters able to be bought at Radio Shack or Home improvement center?

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If your 22" flat screen has a built-in QAM tuner, then you'll be able to receive the HD locals and music channels without a box.

If you want to receive more than that, you'll need a Verizon box (or a TV/DVR with a CableCard slot).

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Bi-directional splitters are available at radio shack and home depot just make sure you get a splitter that is at least 1000mgh this will prevent pixelation that would eventually occur

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My TV's as well as my PC tuners are all QAM capable. I however cannot find any unencrypted signals when hooked up directly to FIOS. Before I ordered the TV service, I was told I could do this. I yet to have any luck. Did Verizon get rid of clear QAM? I just got FIOS installed. The tech did not replace any of the COX splitters or cables. The splitters are 5-1000mhz.


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you should be able to find local channels only, any other channel is encrypted and requires a box to view.

Also you can view the music channels as well.

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Yes you can receive all channels except HD if you use a cable splitter. I did this for awhile but you can only watch the channel that the STB is set on so this is not a solution if you want to watch Monday Nite Football while the Mrs. wants to watch a movie.

Go ahead and splurge for a STB for that 2nd room.  Smiley Very Happy

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