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Can I take the DVR recordings off my top set box and transfer that out of the DVR?

Can I take the DVR recordings off my top set box and transfer that out of the DVR?


same question as the subject line.  is there a way to move the recordings off the set top box?

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The only real way to do it is in realtime. So you have to have a dvd burner, a stack of dvd's and connect it to your cable box. Instructions at the link provided




How can I save shows off my Verizon DVR?


This can only be done in "real-time" by re-recording the shows on the DVR to another device such as a VCR, DVD Recorder / external DVR or to a computer with TV recording capabilities. 

Simply connect the Verizon DVR (via composite output or s-video output) to the external recording device or computer, set that device to record and then playback the Verizon DVR recordings you want to save. Recordings saved this way will not be in full HD, regardless of the quality of the original.

There are two methods to recording in full HD (720p/1080i) from the STB:

• Method #1: Using the Hauppuage HD-PVR via component cables from the Verizon DVR, and with the HD-PVR connected to a PC via USB. There are no copy protection issues using this method.

• Method #2: Using the firewire connection from Verizon DVR, see: » This method may be limited to Windows XP and will only work with content originally recorded from network broadcasts (e.g. local channels) or content that is NOT marked "copy never".



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