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Can't delete recordings with Cisco 435 multi room dvr and external hard drive

Can't delete recordings with Cisco 435 multi room dvr and external hard drive

Contributor MaxOliver
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some time during this past week recordings started recording in duplicate ... the show up twice on the recording list you can only delete one of the duplicate recordings - as after you delete one recording when you try to delete the other it says that the user has already deleted the recording. this leaves the recording forever on the external drive. Is there a fix for this besides reformatting the drive?  I have rebooted, refreshed devices, done the in home agent and called Verizon technical help. Their only answer was to disconnect and reinstall the the hard drive. However, we would lose our recordings this way. 


Please help. 

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Sorry to hear about the problems with the unit. Have you dont the auto correct on the box? Please press menu, then go to CUSTOMER SUPPORT, then IN HOME AGENT, then SET TOP BOX AUTO CORRECTION. Please let us know if further assistance is required.


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Contributor MaxOliver
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Yes, I did try that with no success. It got to the point that when I tried to play a recording there would be a slight pause and then would go back to live tv. That then rendered the recordings on the external drive useless, so disconnected the drive and reconnected it. So far, everything seems back to normal. 

Contributor fwzimmer
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I have called Verizon for the past 18 months with this issue. Sometimes they don't admit to this having problem. Or if they do they say it will be fixed by "next quarter" . Next quarter has happened 5 times. My guess is they will just wait until they come out with a new STB and ignor the few of us that are frustrated by this issue.

Contributor CGDPA
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I'm having the same problem. Started a month or so after I connected an external drive, however, the recordings that I cannot delete were recorded on the DVR, not the external drive. I've disconnected the external drive and reset the DVR (using menu), but the problem persists.


I see this has been reported by others for several years, but none of the suggestions has been a fix. Perhaps if others chimed in, the volume would attract Verizon's attention.

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