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Can't turn TV on/off with remote

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Can't turn TV on/off with remote

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When we were first set up with FIOS I was able to turn my Symphonic TV on/off with the Verizon remote.  Some time later this stopped working and I vaguely recall a representative talking me through programming the remote, though I can't remember if we used the code or the code search method.  A few months ago we lost this functionality again, along with volume control (which was also the case during the previous incident).  I've tried programming the remote using both the code and the code search method.  I've also tried switching remotes with another TV.  Any idea why I can't program the remote for this TV anymore?

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Re: Can't turn TV on/off with remote

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Ivkazes –

Thanks for posting on our community forums.  The first thing to do would be to make sure that the IR sensor is still functioning properly on your TV.  The easiest way to do this is to grab the original remote control for that TV and just make sure that it can control the TV.  Once we know that is working, you may need to replace the batteries in your Verizon remote and try programming again.  Below is a link to all model remotes that we carry, including their user manuals and code lists.  Follow this to reprogram.  Once you complete these tasks, if it is looking like the remote may be faulty you can always order a replacement through our In Home Agent ( ). Thanks again -- Mike

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Re: Can't turn TV on/off with remote

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Can't turn my TV with the Verizon remote


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