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Channel Guide completely wrong for Stanley Cup Hockey

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Channel Guide completely wrong for Stanley Cup Hockey

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Just wanted to report the dismal job that Fios did managing both of the Stanley Cup Game 7's that were on tonight.  I set up my DVR to record the Washington Capitals Game which was shown as being on Channel 590.  Fortunately I turned on the TV to see that 590 was actually playing some history of cold war era hockey...the game was actually on 576 which was incorrectly listed as MLS Soccer.  This is NOT the first time I have seen this happen either.   I quickly switched to record 576 instead, but that was only a short program which stopped recording in the middle of the game...because I overlooked the fact that I would have needed to record the next 9 shows to actually get the whole game.  Really?  Someone can't update the guide with 24 hours notice?


To add insult to injury I was also trying to watch the Bruins game 7 and was recording it as well.  When I came back to watch it, the "poker" recording that was actually the Bruins game was completely missing, meaning I did not get to see any of the overtime.  I have a witness who saw this entire fiasco unfold.  


What a horrible TV experience for two big game 7's.  


Oh yeah, and the Fios TV rates went up $10 this month.  Certainly NOT a happy customer.  

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Silver Contributor IV
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Re: Channel Guide completely wrong for Stanley Cup Hockey

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What area are you in? Because it was listed correctly in our area on the guide last night.


However, when a game is being broadcast nationally - and also on the local RSN, no matter what the sport - it will show up in the guide, even if it's being blacked out. The national broadcast is subject to local blackout nearly all the time when the local RSN is broadcasting the same game. This happens frequently with the Mets and Yankees. When they are on ESPN or MLB Network in a game that isn't an exclusive national broadcast, the game will still show up on the ESPN or MLB Network guide info for every provider - FiOS, DIrectv, Comcast, etc. Even though it's blacked out locally.


Hope that made sense. 

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Re: Channel Guide completely wrong for Stanley Cup Hockey

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I am DC and i had the same issue as the poster, but i knew what was going on, but i was away from home, so i had to record all of those 30minute shows to get the whole game.  I kept checking for an updated guide all day before the game, but it never updated.


Also i was at my parent's house before the game and they have dish network and it showed the game on CSN-MA.  

So for whatever reason verizon's guide hadn't updated. 

Even more frustrating was how the game ended.

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Re: Channel Guide completely wrong for Stanley Cup Hockey

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Having the same issue for the western conference finals on 6/1.  NHL schedule shows 2:00 pacific time, and has for the last day or so, indicating that NBC Sports Network is airing it.  Verizon guide shows poker and cagefighting.  I've recorded everything (starting with rugby), as I will be out the entire game.  This had better work.   I got the same historical show the OP got last week.  Why can't they update properly?????

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