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Cisco chs435hdc Er04 001

Cisco chs435hdc Er04 001

Contributor todd2112
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I have had Verizon Fios for a little over a month, and every so often upon turning on my new Cisco chs435hdc DVR and hitting the DVR button, an error message pops up saying Er04 001 and a countdown begins then the DVR turns itself off at the end of the countdown. Any help with this issue would be fantastic.


Thank you

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Sorry to hear about the problems with your DVR. Are you using an external hard drive on this to expand the storage? Also try the autocorrect by pressing MENU, then go to CUSTOMER SUPPORT, then IN HOME AGENT, then SET TOP BOX AUTO CORRECTION. Please let us know if further assistance is required.


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I have had the same issue for months and the response from Anthony at Verizon is typical. He doesn't address your issue because he has no idea what the issue is. If you Google this error message, surprisingly, you will find little to no information, except for maybe my similar posts on this forum from several months ago. I have talked to numerous Verizon support people. Most have no idea, but I did find a guy who was aware of the issue and said they were working on it. I even sent him some diagnostic information, but I never heard back and the issue is still happening for me.


I can tell you that it is not a box issue, I've returned my box and the same thing happens on the new box. I thought it might be a signal issue, but Verizon is telling me it is a software issue. The part that upsets me, though, is Verizon does not have a list of error messages from Cisco for this box and they don't even know what it means. Seriously. Which is beyond ridiculous when you consider how much money Verizon is paying Cisco for this equipment. If you go to Cisco's site, this model number does not show up under their list of cable boxes. But if you try hard enough, you can find the user guide to the box on the Web, but it does not have a list of error messages.


The frustrating thing about this whole saga is that the error will happen randomly and it never happens when I'm actually watching FiOS. Usually, when I get home from work and turn on the TV, the error message appears. This morning, when I turned on the TV it happened again. 


Hear that Verizon? Your users are frustrated. And they seem to know more about the error message than you.



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