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Close captioning appears and disappears too fast

Close captioning appears and disappears too fast

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My wife is deaf and depends on closed captioning.  When we use the built-in caption on a FIOS HD/DVR, the speed at which captioning appears and disappears is too fast to read.  If I view the same channel using one of our TVs built in captioning capability, it is fine.  Unfortuately,  we need to use the FIOS captioning capability for a projector that does not have built in captioning.  How do I slow down the speed of the captioning?


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We never even got the closed captioning to work on our box in the first place, so you're already a step ahead of me.  My fiance tried monkeying with it, and it just wouldn't turn on.


Is there even a way to adjust the speed?  I kinda thought that was something that was broadcast by each of the channels, and it wasn't really something you can adjust?

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I don't think you normally can control the speed.  However, since the closed captioning speed seems to be extremely fast only for FIOS, I assume there is a problem with the FIOS box (maybe firmware).  Anyway,  to give you a pointer, some of the outputs(I don't remember which) do not pass a closed caption signal.  You may want to switch to a different output from the box.


Hope you get it working!

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I am having the same problem. I have been told by Verizon support, that they do not offer CC service within their box, and that CC must be turned on from the TV.

Of course, that doesn't work in High Def mode on our TV, so we are forced to use standard definition, with a high def receiver and TV Smiley Sad 


It is also annoying to use the TV's CC decoder, as the TV CC decoder doesn't disable when you pull up the FiOS guide, therefore making it impossible to read the guide.

 When using the built-in CC service of the Box, the CC service is disabled while using the menus or browsing the guide.


Comcast, Dishnetwork, and DirecTV all support closed captioning within their set top box. Verizon FIOS Does not ? (even though the box can physically do it, but Verizon has chosen to cripple it)


I am 99% happy with the Fios quality... but that they are choosing to not support the CC service is disappointing.  



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I have the HD-DVR STB and I am able to turn on CC at the STB.  From the menu screen, select 'settings', 'accessibility', and then select 'closed caption'.   I do concede that on certain channels the captions run extremely fast, and are impossible (for me) to read. 


I also read in another thread that if you use an HDMI cable between the box and the TV, you will not be able to use the TV's built in CC decoder (as you indicate), but if you make the connections with component cables rather than an HDMI cable, you will be able to use the TV's decoder.  Never tried it, so can't verify it.

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If they didn't support CC service, why is it in the FIOS menu under the settings submenu?  The captioning works on some channels/shows, but a few have this speed problem. Did you escalate the problem up to the next tier support?  I would think FIOS would have an ADA problem if they did not support CC.  For my projector, the closed captioning does come across on HDMI but not component.
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If they didn't support CC service, why is it in the FIOS menu under the settings submenu?

Yep, and there ya are.  Why is it that a company whose entire structure was built on communications...........can't seem to communicate?


I never escalated the problem because it never really bothered me that much.

It's interesting what you say concerning the HDMI vs Component cables.  Directly opposite the info I read.

Good luck!

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I did not escalate, as their answer was "Verizon does not support it, since that's a function of your TV". 


The tech person is technicall correct, although it's a poor answer.


I really hope that someone @ verizon / FioS reads these forumns and considers the deaf population. 


PS: Read the book it came with. It shows setting CC options, colors, fonts, etc.... guess Verizon forgot to disable the "Closed Caption - On / Off" option..









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I too hope that FIOS reads this.  They definitely advertise that they support CC. The CC is a function of the tuner.  The FIOS Box acts as the tuner for HDTVs that don't have a built in tuner. My projector as with most projectors does not have a tuner or CC.  Thus, it depends upon the HD Tuner that FIOS provides.  I should be able to hook up a plain old computer monitor to FIOS and have the DVR do the CC.  FIOS needs to get its act together and fix this problem.  I too am going to contact FIOS and try to escalate this problem. Also,  if they don't support CC why is this URL present:

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I was on the phone with Tech support for a good 20-30 minutes today.  FIOS support did not mention anything about not supporting CC.  I told them I had  CC on both my TV and  the FIOS box at the same time (using the component connection and watching the Disney channel for my kids).  MY TVs built in captioning would show text a great deal earlier than the FIOS CC (enough time to read the caption). The text would disappear on both my TV's and FIOS CC at the same time.  I think  tech support was suprised about this.  They said that there is a firmware update coming out soon that may improve captioning. However, they weren't sure if my problem would be addressed by then.  Hopefully, something will come of this.
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