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Connection between TV and Settop Box not working - I've tried everything!

Connection between TV and Settop Box not working - I've tried everything!

Contributor RoseGlow64
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Our TV is not showing the FiOs screen and I have tried just about everything. After experiencing pixilation problems (and determining they were not related to the cables), Verizon sent us a new settop box. One would think that disconnecting the old one and hooking up the new one would be pretty straight forward, right (its the same model)? So I attached the new box and there was no picture (blue screen). I'm using an HDMI and we're not having any issues with the internet connection. I think I've checked everything and cannot figure out a solution. So far I've tried/checked:

  • Everything is plugged in, powered on and the connections are tight
  • Tried a different coaxial cable (the one used for the internet works with the router).
  • Tried changing the HDMI cable - both the input on the TV and the one plugged into the set top box (we use an HDMI for our Roku, which is working)
  • Changed the TV channel (3, 4, other channels)
  • If the coax is connected directly to the TV, there is a picture
  • If the set top box is connected to the TV using SD component cables, there is picture and I can access the Fios menu.
  • Tried changing the settings on the FiOS from 1080 to 720.
  • We even tried plugging the original box back in, and now that is having the same issue (it worked before).

I believe the issue has to be the connection is between the set top box and the TV, but I cannot figure out what to do. We know the HDMI cable works. We know the TV works. We know the set top box works. 


I'm perplexed; it is not hard to set up the box, and I've done it plenty of times without a problem. I feel like there must be something simple that I'm missing and I have tried every chat, etc. and cannot find something that matches my problem. Any ideas?

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The one thing I didn't see in your list of things you've tried is changing the TV input.  Make sure the TV is set to the corect HDMI port for it's input.  Using a channel number means you're set to the tuner input, not an HDMI input.  Many TV's have multiple HDMI inputs, make sure you select the right one.


You might also want to try unplugging the TV from power and then plugging it back in (i.e. reset).


Good Luck.


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Contributor RoseGlow64
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Thanks - yes, we've tried changing the HDMI input, and making sure we have it set to the right one. And we've tried powering off a few times. 

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