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Continued Problems with FIOS

Continued Problems with FIOS

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For months we have been having trouble with FIOS and no one can seem to fix it.     At random times our fios tv signal will start to pixilate, then it disappears completely with the message that that channel (all channels) are not available.    This may last for 30 minutes or it can last for hours.    This happens on a regular basis and is unbelivably frustrating.     Sometimes the internet  and phone goes at the same time, but not always.    We've had 3 technicians come to the house, but no one seems to be able to fix the problem permanently.    By the time the tech shows up, the picture is back on, but it always will go out again.   


Today I am missing hockey finals, nba finals, red sox.     We pay a bunch of money for unreliable service.    I need reliable internet for my work....


Can anyone help us?    The tech is due here again tuesday, but I expect the same thing....

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I had a similar issue - the FiOS tech support told me to disconnect the cable wires going to the TVs cable boxes and the cable wall outlets and then re-connect them ensuring they were very tightly connected.  I did this and my issue was resolved.  Give it a try. 

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Thanks.   Yes I tried that.....sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't.    The problem always comes back.   Thanks though....

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