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DFW-Denton: local HD Pixelation

DFW-Denton: local HD Pixelation

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I'm in Denton (north of D/FW) .. had FiOS everything since 8/07. TiVO HD w/dual inputs, 2 cablecards installed by Verizon. No problems until 8/8 .. beginning of Olympics, wonder if it's a coincidence.


Problem is severe pixelation on (what seems to be) ONLY local HD channels; all other HD channels seem fine, all SD channels (including local) are fine. Watching the Olympics in SD realls blows when you're paying $$$$ for "100% cyrstal clear digital TV" ....


Called tech support, after an hour or so on the phone, tech determined it was probably a problem on their end and they'd have the network team run all their diagnostics. Problem seemed to go away .. for about 24 hours.. now it's back with a vengeance ...


I am now going on 2 hours of Verizon's wonderful hold music, which I would also like to complain about; elevator-quality salsa music, I think, is designed to irritate customers so they won't stay on hold. They won't get rid of me that easy. Smiley Tongue


I'm starting to miss DirecTV, which I ditched when I went HD last year ... at least then, I could look at the weather radar and SEE the problem, and have a resonable estimate of when it would go away.


I've re-done all the inside coax wiring, replaced most of the cables, re-crimped ends.. problem is unchanged.

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The main reason that I have seen (as stated by others on many boards) with TIVO and pixellation are due to "too hot" a signal.  Many have had success by adding attenuation at the TIVO input.


Have you changed any splitters that would affect the level of signal at the TIVO?   Is it possible that Verizon increased the modulation level (hence the signal level) on the local HDs when they added the Olympic channels and in preparation for the all digital switch?  Don't know if this will help, but good luck.

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For me, here in Virginia, the pixelation is on the new olympic channels 896 and 897.  This started on Thursday when I wanted to watch the medal ceremony for the women's soccer.  It was barely watchable.  This continued on Friday and the gold medal game could not be watched, neither could the medar ceremony.  It has been that way all day today.


Now I was watching the USA channel, Burn Notice, and it also became unwatchable.  This to me confirms that it is something that Verizon is doing, or not doing and has nothing to do with the signal from China.  


They have managed to ruin a good olympics showing.

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I've had problems with pixelation since the first day I've had FIOS.  Certain channels during certain times of day are just plain unwatchable as the entire picture is distorted...along with the audio portion.  I've had 5 FIOS techs come out and do everything from replace my box to cleaning of the fiber optics.  It usually helps for about 2 days, and then back to the same old thing.  I'm ready to get rid of it and re-install DISH.  This week I see I was given HBO free to try out for a week...NOT!  The entire block of 400 channels is unwatchable due to this pixel problem!!!  Same with the shopping channels....during certain times of the day....can't watch them either.  I'm in northern VA....is anyone else having this nighmare with FIOS, and is there a solution I (or FIOS) is missing???  Please email me at {please use Private Messages}   Thanks so much!   Rick.....
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