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DVR Message: Error: Unable to play the selected program. Please try again later.

DVR Message: Error: Unable to play the selected program. Please try again later.

Contributor leftypjb
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I just watched a recorded show in a series from my DVR (located in the living room) fine in my bedroom (non-DVR).  When I went to watch the next show, I get this error:  "DVR Message:  Error:  Unable to play the selected program.  Please try again later."


However, if I go into my living room and try to watch that show from my DVR, I can watch it.  


Any suggestions on what is happening?

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Hi there, I am very sorry about the trouble you are having with your DVR playback.  Here are a few things that you can try to get this issue resolved.  First try to unplug the DVR from the power for a full minute and restore power to the unit.  If that does not work try unplugging the power from your FIOS router for 30 seconds and restore power to the unit.  The light that is critical is the Coax LAN light if that light is not lit the DVR will not be able to communicate with the other set-top boxes.


Hope this helps!




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Contributor Tiz
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I get the same problem when trying to play recorded Suits and Satisfaction shows.  All the other recordered show play normally.  I unpluged the DVR and cancelled and reset the recording on both shows but it continues to error out when trying to play these two shows.  Help!

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