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DVR Not automatically managing delayed schedules due to sports

DVR Not automatically managing delayed schedules due to sports

Contributor vkengeri
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This is not a problem on Comcast and UVerse. Please note. I have been a customer of both before.


When there is a NFL game or some other game on TV, the scheduled shows get shifted. The DVR software does not seem to know that there is a change and neither the Guide nor the Scheduler figures this out to record a show at the new time. Uverse and Comcast DVRs figure this out and manage this correctly. Why does FiOS not figure this out? Can't be complicated if two of your biggest competitors can figure it out. Is there a setting I am missing? Thanks.



Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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if it is a series , you have option to modify the series to record the episode at any time so that you wont miss if any delay in schedule.


DVR->Manage series recordings->Select the series->Ok->Modify series->Air time ->Any time

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Platinum Contributor III
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This gets mentioned all the time.

Problem is that the DVR has no way to know when an event goes long (any live event) or that a show that follows now runs late because of that.

The content providers have would have to provide a signal and then all guides would have to update.

Just not very practical.

Best bet is to set up the recording to go long.

I would love to hear from someone that can say how Concast or Uverse can on the fly adjust their schedule for recording.

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Recording are totally based on what is in the guide (except for manual recordings) and when a sporting event or something bumps the programming, the DVR only know what it knows.  I honestly don't know of any other way this could be done.

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