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DVR box not working on new TV

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DVR box not working on new TV

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Recently bought an LG LCD LED television and the box will not work right.  When I connect the box to the television all I see is a Verizon Fios message saying "starting moment please" which doesn't go away (I left the message on for over 12 hours).  Its an HDMI connection is that has anything to do with it.


I tried all fo the following as recommended by the website to no avail:


- Took out the power source and plugged it back in after 5 mins.

- Reset the router

- Tried our second box on the TV to and still got the same message.


Anyone have a similar problem and know what to do?



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Re: DVR box not working on new TV

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Nope, in this case it has nothing to do with the HDMI. In fact your HDMI is working because you are getting the verizon message on the tv.


No, that message means that the STB is trying to get an incoming signal. Check the coax on the back of the STB. The one that goes from the wall to the STB. Make sure it is connected to the "RF in" or the "Fios in" on the back of the STB.  Even if it is connected correctly, you may want to disconnect it and then reconnect it just to make sure it is getting a good connection.


Also check the other end of the coax as well and make sure that it is connected to the wall (or splitter or whatever else it should be connected to)


After that, power cycle your STB (unplug from power and wait 30 seconds then plug back in) give it 10 minutes. If still having an issue then it is likely time to call tech support


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Re: DVR box not working on new TV

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Spacedebris is correct that you are experiencing a "signaling" issue.  Since you tried a 2nd box and had the same result at that location, I have to believe that this location isn't "live", meaning that the other end of the coax isn't plugged into Verizon's service.  If you didn't have a box installed at this coax feed during your installation, there is a good chance that you will need to get that line connected to the main splitter. 

Brian K
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