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DVR box will sometimes delete Saved programs from internal drive and not utilize external drive

DVR box will sometimes delete Saved programs from internal drive and not utilize external drive

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I have an external 1 TB eSATA hard drive that I've been using with my Verizon DVR box for the past 2 years.


The Verizon documentation -- and the behavior I was getting for the first 1+ year -- says that when the external storage device is connected, all programmed recordings will use the external drive, assuming there is space.


For quite some time however, my DVR is no longer consistently doing that.  My programmed recordings sometimes record to the internal hard drive and sometimes record to the external hard drive.  There is little rhyme or reason or pattern that I can distinguish. 


Sometimes it will hit 100% capacity and delete saved programs on my internal drive even though there is plenty of space (e.g. less than 80% used) on my 1TB external drive.  


I briefly tried a strategy of never deleting programs from the internal drive.  When I record a program, I always used the "Save Until Space Needed" setting if the program records to my internal drive.  After I watched a program, I would remove the "Save Until I Space Needed" setting, assuming that at least when the DVR decided to erase programs on my internal drive, it would erase programs that I already watched (or so I thought)  Yet amazingly enough, the DVR proceeded to erase multiple programs that HAD the "Save Until Space Needed" option set, and it DID NOT ERASE longer programs that DID NOT HAVE the "Save Until Space Needed" option set.


I'm very frustrated that I've lost multiple unwatched recordings this way, and I also that I can't utilize the capacity my external drive.


I've rebooted my boxes (and re-connected and re-started my external drive) many times, and that clearly doesn't address this problem.  Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Bronze Contributor I
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The DVR is going bad.  Replace the DVR box.   once you replace it.  All recordings on the hard drive and on the external will be gone.  The hard drive on the DVR does not last very long.  Just replace it.

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