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DVR controls changed again - And they suck

DVR controls changed again - And they suck

Contributor jrl3
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So another unwanted update... Back to having to press different buttons while trying to play and delete and etc the shows on my DVR.  Instead of pressing OK to select a show to watch, I have to hit the play symbol button.  Sometimes change is good, and learning new buttons isn't the end of the world... but aspects of this change SUCK.  For example... Before when a DVR program ended... It went back to the DVR listings so I could immediately delete the show I just watched (which is what I want to do 99% of the time).  NOW, instead, it goes to live TV...  I have to go back into the DVR listings manually and scroll through to look for the show that was just on 2 seconds ago (and then press the new button for deleting it).  **bleep**???  Does anyone know if there is a way to switch the controls back to what they were?  

Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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I haven't seen any change in DVR controls, but in any case you might try this to delete a just watched program in fewer steps.


Within a few seconds before the recorded show actually ends, click the "Stop" button, the one with the black square on it.  That will give you a menu that includes resume play and delete.  You can click delete and you're done.


See if that works for you.

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Platinum Contributor III
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What model DVR do you have?

I haven't seen any change to Quantum functions.

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Contributor jrl3
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It seems for a few weeks I can start a DVD program with the OK button and when a recording ends the Menu comes up so I can delete it right away, and hitting okay on a DVD listing gives option to delete it... then I get that crap version you describe where OK button does nothing.  I have to hit the "c" button to delete something, after a DVD show it goes to live tv so I can't easily delete it, and Ok won't start a program... I have to hit play button.  **bleep**!!!???  Why does it keep going to that terrible version of the controls for days... then revert to normal... then go back to crappy mode.???! 

Contributor jrl3
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Registered: ‎02-11-2016
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The only thing worse than the **bleep** controls changing to that terrible mode would be having to spend two hours on the phone calling Verizon support to ask about it.

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