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DVR free space issues

Contributor nyhcloyalty
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My DVR is frequently incorrect with the amount of space it tells me I have available. One week I will have 26h of SD, and 7h of HD, and it will tell me that I'm 98% full. I know it's not true, so I have to unplug the box and plug is back in, then it will show the correct amount, about 70% full. I have to do this up to once a week, it effects the recording too, saying it is full when it isn't.
Contributor va3bells
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I had major problems with my HD DVR in August from reporting incorrect free space to recorded programs disappearing, yes disappearing not deleted.  One day all recorded programs were gone but yet I only had 50% free space.  If I reset it (unplug/replug) sometime a few of the programs would appear and other times programs intentionally deteled weeks before showed up.


My HD DVR was 2 years old.   Had a technician check it out and replace it - actually with same model.  No more problems since.


Not sure if maybe your DVR hard drive is having issues.

Copper Contributor robertg22
Copper Contributor
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I have seen this problem too. But when I noticed it I also noticed that the DVR was in record mode even though nothing was scheduled to be recording. It seems that the unit just kept recording the last program that was scheduled. So as it made a bigger and bigger recording file it probably started deleting old programs to make room. The only thing I could do was unplug the unit to reboot. After the reboot the file that was recording was gone.
Contributor ke
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I also have this problem. It's quite obvious that there is a problem when one day I have 20% available and the next day I have 2% with no changes in new recordings. I called the Tech Support line today and tried to get a resolution. They tried 2 things that did not resolve the issue. Their next proposed solution is to delete all the recorded shows off my DVR and load the original configuration file. I have 24 hours of recorded shows on my SD DVR. I don't want to lose all my fall shows.  It's supposed to hold 40 hours and I'm at 100% full today at 24 hours (and it remained at 100% full after I deleted 3 hours of shows). The tech said it records different shows differently and pretty much treated me like I was the idiot and the DVR is working as designed.  I know HD and SD record at different space requirements, but I don't have HD nor do I record HD channels. It is not working and I'm more than a little irritated.  I wish I could have my old TIVO back!  I'm posting in hopes that either someone at Verizon will actually realize this is a problem or someone else will post a solution.


Does anyone know if TIVO work with Verizon TV? Off to search the posts....

Contributor FulThrotl
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There's several complaints about this, but nobody bothered to respond with a solution.

i am assuming if you are reading this, you don't need a support group to share the pain

of the problem, you just want the answer to fix it. 


here is how to fix the problem with a Verizon HD DVR by Motorola.


Turn on the TV 

Pick up the Verizon Remote

press the button to access the DVR

scroll down to system information

note the amount of disc space available. in my case, it was 92% full, with three programs on the disc. 😞


press menu

scroll down to settings

within settings, scroll down to system information.

with the system information screen displaying, enter the following numbers, and then press OK

4 8 8 3

exit  menu, and unplug the set top box for 1 minute.

plug the box back in, and let it reboot.

turn it on.

press the DVR button, and scroll down to check your available disc space.

in my case, 92% full had turned to 3% full, without deleting any programs.  🙂

name your firstborn child after me for taking the time to post this.... 😉





Contributor Wooderson
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I have this problem too.  I have around 40 hours of SD TV recorded, and it's 100% full.  This just started happening, normally, I can record up to 100 hours.  Old shows are currently getting deleted when new shows are recording.  I verified that I have 0 hours of HD recorded, everything is SD. 


So I opened a chat session with Verison support today, and the person told me to do the 4880 reset, and that it would clear the existing programs.  As someone else stated, I don't want to loose the fall series I've been saving for this summer. 


Unplugging and rebooting did not resolve my problem.


Can anyone else confirm that the "4883 Reset" won't wipe out existing shows?  I'm not so sure about this Randy character 😉


I think Verizon needs to look into this problem, and prevent it if possible, but at a minimum, create a admin function that will recover the space without loosing shows. 



Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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It doesn't erase the shows.  To clear the hard drive you have to enter into the Diagnostic's menu (which requires you to press power, select select from the front of the box) and do a few button presses.
Contributor Wooderson
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I've done the "4883 Reset" multiple times, and it hasn't resolved the problem.  I've unplugged (and restarted) multiple times too, including this morning, post software update.


My heavens, these services are horrible!  The new verizon.net portal (that I pay for) is covered with ads. 




Not only that, but it asks me for a security question every single click, and then just returns me to the home page.  So it's not possible to navigate anywhere..!


Besides having this unresolvable critical functionality issue with TV, the overall UI is an example of what not to do.. 

- It takes 5 clicks to delete a show.  You need to be able to delete folders, and provide a list that you can toggle deletes from.

- Deleting too many shows in a row causes the unit to crash, and it takes about 8 minutes to recover.

- On confirmation dialogs, sometimes Yes is on the top, other times it's on the bottom.  This is so basic. 

- Search is almost unusable.

- The guide is almost unusable.

- Setting recording / series preferences is awful.

- If you have a conflict for a recording, it only gives you option to cancel one of the two conflicting shows (what is the other show?)

- Skip sometimes doesn't skip, other times skips the wrong interval. 

- Lag, lag, LAG!


Sorry, I'm super frustrated that I've had all these problems, and very disappointed that I receive a software update, only to learn that none of these issues have been touched.  I've lost hope. 


I'll probably take a half day next week to cancel / switch services.  I'm done.

Contributor Bogator
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Thank you FulThrotl. It worked perfectly.
Message Edited by Bogator on 05-10-2009 04:37 PM
Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Just adding a little to what FulThrotl had there



When you get to the system info screen...




4883  Clears the data and you may have to reprogram for upcomming shows but will not delete recordings


2601  will reboot the box (so you dont have to unplug the box)


if this doesnt clear the extra space on the HD. One other thing you can do is...




2617   this will clear the NVMEM

1472  will clear the crash logs

2601  reboot stb.     (always reboot the stb after entering any codes. You can use multiple codes and then reboot, you dont have to do it on every code but you do need to do it when done)



the 4883 will usually clear the issue by itself but sometimes 2617 and 1472 are needed but between the three of them it should clear nearly any hard drive usage issue.

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