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DVR freezing while watching recorded programs

DVR freezing while watching recorded programs

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I'm sorry you are having difficulty. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or to help you resolve your issue.


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I Just upgraded to my new QIP7232 DVR after paying $40 and had a chance to watch my first Movie On Demand last night. The box kept on Freezing up and saying "Lost Network connection". I never had this issue with my old box. Im not sure if its the new box or the new software that Verizon has. Anybody have any clues to this fix would be appreciated as I can't deal with calling Verizon again. Torture!!!

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I have been having that freezing issue also. And now that you mention it, it probably does coincide with the "upgrade".

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I am also having problems with the 6416 freezing during playback of recorded shows.

My DVR also restarts itself during a recording of a show.


Never had that problem before until the upgrade.

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Then reach out and contact me. This appears to be happening to quite a few of FIOS customers. My DVR box has already been changed --- but not upgraded to a newer model. MREALLY aggravating!!! It's been going since the upgrade --- that is the only constant. We really need help. Thank you.

Janet Anderson

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I have 3 DVRS...only my living room one freezes recorded programs constantly pretty much ever since the big sofeware upgrad last will either freeze right away or many times in the middle or close to the end of the programs...sometimes you can get them going if you press the 5 min ahead buttom but 1/2 the prohram is unviewable.....the other night all 5 programes froze and were un viewable.....I see by these comments many are having thre same problem...just hear the see whet it is all about...I've unplugged the DVR a number of times and its no help...I saw somewhere where you can check out the temp that the DVR is running but couldn't get that to work...anyone having any luck before I make the dreaded call to Customer Service?   thanks

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I am a new customer with the new Motorola DVR. It seems like it may not be a certain DVR, but a BUG in the software. I am a convert from DirecTV and my account is only suspended. I am in my 30-day window to cancel FiOS and I am getting upset. Lets get this BUG fixed Verizon!

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I'm having issues with my 7232 HD DVR as well. It freezes frequently, especially when trying to fast forward, reverse, or pause. It will also change fast forward speed on it's own from 2x to 4x when I'm not even touching the buttons on the remote. My sound cuts out with live TV near the end of almost every TV show I watch and I get intermittent pixelation on my screen. It's been happening since FIOS was installed. They installed all new wiring in my house so I know it's not that unless the guy messed something up.  I have called twice for tech support and they still refuse to replace it. They keep asking me to change cables, change the DVR location in the house, etc. I left Comcast because of poor picture quality and I'm still getting it with FIOS.

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I've had the same problem for a long time.  I'm now on my 3rd MR DVR box which I just hooked up last weekend (3/10/12).  I kept reporting that when I FF thru a recorded program the picture will just freeze, and will freeze at that same point time after time on that program.  The only way to get out of it is to change the channel, go back to the recording list and Resume Play, then let it "play" thru the affected point in the show.  This is now occurring on this newest box.

Every time I've called the rep said they haven't heard of this problem before...which I find hard to believe after reading the posts in this forum.  I just can't believe Verizon has taken no steps to correct what appears to be a software issue, or maybe it is a hardware issue problem with the hard drive.  In any case, I'm sick of paying $20/mo for equipment that is faulty. I record a lot of programs and never had this problem when I was able to use my own DVR box, which became obsolete thanks to the Government mandate of digital only cable service.

The same freeze up problem started on the 2nd program I recorded on this box.  Since then it periodically happens on random recorded shows.  I would like to know what Verizon is going to do about this.  I think at the least I deserve a brand new DVR that has been tested and verified to work w/o issues.

Oh, and I love how they now send a cheap 2 device remote control with each DVR rather than the 4 device one that originally came with the set.  We have to pay extra if we want a remote that can control more than just the DVR and TV.  If I wanted this kind of service I would have stayed with Comcast!

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I am also having these issues on both my DVR's since the IMG software update. Freezes in the middle of playback of recorded shows and timeslipping. Cannot get the timeslip to start after the pause and have to restart box to continue to watch show, losing the content in the buffer. Annoying when you stop the show for a phone call and try to restart.

I have a QIP7216 and a QIP6416, both adequately ventilated. The 7216 has an external drive so it is not the internal disk overheating. Definitely software based.

Today they just announced a price increase in the DVR. Would be nice if they get the thing working properly before they decided to charge more for a faulty service.

Definitely worth VZ looking into this as it appears not to be a random issue.

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