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DVR keeps screwing up - EXASPERATING!

DVR keeps screwing up - EXASPERATING!

Contributor Dutchie74
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For the second night in a row, I have tried to record the Stanley Cup hockey game and it has gone awry. Both times, here's exactly what's happened:


1) I select the game in the program guide and select "Record" - and confirm it's recording by the red dot that appears.

2) I turn the channel, so I don't see the current score when I turn the TV back on

3) I turn the TV off.


The first problem I experienced was the frustrating discovery that there's no option to start watching a program that's in the process of being recorded from scratch. What? DirecTV had that option, and I thought it was a no-brainer that every DVR system would.


So, the technician says the only way to watch it from scratch is to tune to the channel, and press rewind. So I did that, making sure not to look at the score while I'm doing it.


But my next and biggest problem is that both times I've tried this, the DVR only goes back about 15 minutes, when the game (and recording, allegedly) started over an hour ago!


The technician said there was something wrong with my set-top box, but I'm skeptical. I think it's a design flaw with the service itself.


Anyone have any insight on this?  


Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Having also had Directv I understand what you're saying, but why not just choose it from the list of recordings and watch it "from scratch" there?

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Silver Contributor II
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If you had the DVR tuned to the channel that you wanted to record, pressing the record button will record the current program either back to its beginning, or the last hour (depending on how far into the current program you are before pressing record). If you were not tuned to the channel, then the buffer is empty, and the recording will start from when you press the record button. As sangs stated, to avoid rewinding while averting your gaze, go to DVR > View Recordings, select the program from the list and press PLAY.


The DVR should allow you to rewind from Live TV all the way back to the beginning of the recording. If it doesn't let you rewind all the way back to where you want to go, then either you didn't start recording on time, or there really was something wrong with your DVR.

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Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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What he's specifically referring to - I believe - is a feature of the Directv DVRs. If you're recording a program and you tune to the channel you're recording, you get a message asking if you'd like to begin that program from the beginning, no rewinding required. It is quite a nice feature actually.

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