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DVR play won't work if no FIOS service is available?

DVR play won't work if no FIOS service is available?

Contributor pete_vz
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Registered: ‎12-01-2011
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I'm moving locally and had hoped I could connect my FIOS STB/DVR to my TV in my new place to watch some of the content on my FIOS DVR, with no input connection to the STB/DVR, for a few days before I turned my hardware into Verizon.


But the STB/DVR won't complete and stays at the wait due to starting up message with the red curtain in the background.


Is there really no way to startup the STB/DVR enought without FOIS input to be able to at least watch the existing DVR content?


This seems like it would also be very useful in some more normal situations:

It would be nice if you had a FIOS outage for hours or a couple days, if you could still view any DVR content still on the STB/DVR.

Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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The DVR will work if there is no FiOS service available, but the service must be available when the DVR powers up.

It will run just fine without FiOS service after startu , but it won't start up with out it.


Basically the unit needs to be authorized each time it boots up.

Contributor pete_vz
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Registered: ‎12-01-2011
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Thanks for the info.


I had thought that there might be something like that and had considered taking my STB/DVR and an UPS back to my old place to boot it up and move it with power.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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That is a genious idea!

Copper Contributor jackiel
Copper Contributor
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My FIOS service is down - all 3 - Phone, Internet, TV, and I never lost power here in Southern Westchester.  I spent 3 hours on the phone with Verizon today just to set up an appointment for a service call - un-bleeping-believable. Was further disappointed this evening to find that I could not watch any recorded DVR shows - since I had been told to try re-booting my STB earlier - now of course it cannot be "validated". Am using Optimum WiFi to post this - I had not canceled Optimum yet. May re-consider the switch to Verizon, but I am just past 30 days since installation. Very unhappy with Verizon.

Copper Contributor Underst8
Copper Contributor
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I have the same problem. "Superstorm" Nemo killed my power and fios - ripped the lines clean off the house. Power was restored yesterday but not FiOS! The friendly customer service agent with the thick foreign accent named "Kevin" told me it could take up to ten days to get service back.


There is 500 friggen gigs of programming sitting just waiting to be watched as a holdover until they reconnect the lines but because of the stupid authorization required I can't access them. It's just a brick.


My neighbors with DirecTV are watching live TV, and I can't even watch whats stored on my box.




Verizon, please fix this issue with the next software update.

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