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DVR streaming working for anyone?

DVR streaming working for anyone?

Copper Contributor ScottChapman
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I just got the update to the Fios Mobile app (4.2 updated dec 16th). And I see no evidence of DVR streaming capability.


I can see the shows I recorded, but no opportunity to stream.


I am on my local network with the DVR itself.


Any ideas??

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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On what type device are you running the My FiOS app?  And what model DVR do you have?


I have My FiOS, version 5.0.4,  installed on my iPhone 6s.  I can watch programs that were recorded on my Quantum TV VMS-1100 DVR on my iPhone.


There's a similar discusson in this thread:  http://forums.verizon.com/t5/Fios-TV-Technical-Assistance/no-play-button-on-DVR-programs-on-FIOS-mob...


I posted a photo of what the My FiOS screen looks like on my iPhone in that thread.



Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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It occurred to me I made a typo error in the previous post.


There's a My FiOS app and also a FiOS Mobile app for the iPhone.  I have both installed and use them both.


The FiOS Mobile app is the one that will let you stream live TV or play DVR recordings on your iPhone.  But while the My Fios  app has some useful features not available on FiOS Mobile,  watching live TV or recordings are not among those features.


And while as I said above I have My FiOS 5.0.4 installed, the app that allows streaming is FiOS Mobile v4.1.


Sorry for any confusion my senior moment may have caused.  I would edit that earlier post if only I could....



Copper Contributor stevemann
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I have the exact same problem. I tried it on three devices, my phone, my wife's phone and her iPad.

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Have you tried reporting the issue via the APP?

They helped correct my issue.

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Contributor kalnat
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You may want to check and ensure that FIOS Quantum TV Enhanced Services is showing as part of your package of TV Services in your TV plan - by logging into your Verizon Account online and checking what TV plan and services are included in your subscribed package.

If FIOS Quantum TV Enhanced Services is not showing in the list of services in yuour TV Plan then likely streaming DVR recordings to tablet/IPAD will not work.

My understanding is that DVR streaming in IPAD is an exclusive feature of FIOS Quantum TV service.


I upgraded to that service and now I can see a Play button against my recorded programs in the DVR within the FIOS Mobile App in my IPAD.

Prior to this when I was NOT a subscriber to FIOS Quantum TV, but only the basic FIOS TV, I could not see this - the DVR Hardware for FIOS Quantum TV is also different from the basic one

Copper Contributor CDOsr
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Something I posted in another topic with the same issues.


A couple of things I did to get it to work.  First, if you had previously installed the FIOS app, you need to completely uninstall then re-install it.  Doing an Update (manual or automatic) did not actually allow it to play - probably something in the data stored by older versions of the App.


Once you install the latest, you need to access your DVR from your home network, this will identify your mobile device to the Media Server.  Once you do that, you should see a Green Checkmark above the icon representing the Media Server on the "DVR" page of the app (it's on the upper right of the screen, on the ribbon where the "Sort by" choices are made.


You can verify that the Media Server sees your mobile device by looking at the main menu "Settings -> System -> Mobile Devices - Active Device" where it should list the device (using the somewhat generic names like "Galaxy Tab A" for my tablet).

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