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DVR stuck in "processing request"

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DVR stuck in "processing request"

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I've had a problem with the DVR getting stuck in "processing request" several times.   It usually happens every few months.

I know the answer (unplug the box), which fixes it. that point, we've missed possibly several days of recordings.
So...when this happens I call Verizon and play their game...let them do their troubleshooting...and finally suggest reseting the box.  They usually say that there was a recent software update that didn't go a reboot will clean that up.

I point out that maybe they should just reboot all boxes periodically on good measure.


My last call I tried to get to a supervisor, but spent about 30 minutes with some idiot telling me that HDTVs cause a lot of problems with their boxes some time.  She wouldn't listen to me explain to her how my box was connected via component.

Do we just accept that the boxes need to be rebooted periodically and that you possibly lose shows you were hoping to watch?  Or am I an isolated problem?





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Re: DVR stuck in "processing request"

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I just experienced this for the first time last night.  I noticed that a show that was scheduled to record last night was listed as "processing request" and then this morning one of my sons shows was also showing the same.  Is the quick fix to just unplug the DVR?  I hope this isnt the start of constant problems. 
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Re: DVR stuck in "processing request"

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@bcrawfo2 wrote:

... I point out that maybe they should just reboot all boxes periodically on good measure. ...





Scott -


Don't even suggest that.  I don't need them randomly resetting my DVR and me losing recordings because my DVR was being rebooted.  They have no idea remotely what I am doing with the box and should not just arbitrarily reset the box.


I've had enough problems with the occasional (thankfully) crash and reboot screwing up things.  My DVR (QIP6416-2) doesn't suffer from your issue and there should never be a system wide fix for a few subscribers.  Not trying to minimize your plight, as I realize this is frustrating for you.


BTW - I also have learned to check the DVR daily to make sure everything is running smooth - shouldn't have to but better safe than sorry Smiley Wink



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