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DVR troubles

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DVR troubles

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We just got a new TV, and our old DVR works fine most of the time, but at least once a day, the DVR will suddenly turn off in the middle of a program.  The DVR then needs to reset, as if there had been a power outage, but no power outage has occured.  Do I need to replace the TV?  We also noticed that DVR seems to be running hotter than before, but now we have it in a unit, instead of on top of the TV.

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Re: DVR troubles

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Hello Mamaofens,

The DVR should not be power cycling after a while in use and sounds like you have placed it into an enclosure that does not allow enough airflow causing it to overheat and shut down I suspect. You can check the temperature of the DVR by doing the following process:


With the DVR and TV in the on state press ( Power > Select > Select ) which will bring up the Diagnostics text window


Using the down arrow button go to row ( D13 DVR/HDD Status > Select > Down ) arrow to page 2 and you will see the present temp and the max temp of the set top box.


You should do this when its not been used and off for awhile then do it again after you experience a power cycle to see what temperature it was when the power cycle occurred.  The ideal range of the DVR set top box per Motorola is 59° - 104°.  If your set top box is exceeding that you will want to provide better ventilation and ensure the air holes on the top and sides of the set top box are not blocked.


Let me know if this helps or you have any other questions.

Thank you

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