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Daylight Savings time

Daylight Savings time

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ok everyone knows its coming up this sunday moring @ 2am and I want to let everyone know how to fix something that may come up. The clock on your STB may not change. This is because the box was off when a signal was sent to have it update the time....Should your time not update all you have to do is Powercycle the box meaning unplug the power cable and plug it back in. If that doesn't work please let me know so I can get it taken care of for you.
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Techman: What do you mean by the box was off when a signal was sent?
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Off as in turned off or powered off? Leaving the boxes turned on is required, I will do that, and just turn off the TVs. Thanks for the Spring forward notice. I work this weekend, and will also be dealing with that at work with various systems.
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thanks techman I never would have thought of that - will make sure to leave all boxes on and just turn off tvs before retiring on Sat nite
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THanks for the info Techman
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Whoops!  It's Daylight Saving Time... There's no "S" ... We're saving daylight get it?
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My DVR didn't change to daylight savings time this morning. The box was powered off. I did unplug the box and waited a couple of minutes and then plugged it back in but still no time change, I did this procedure a couple of times but still no time change.


Any help would be appreciated



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All my boxes were on and all updated to DST with no issues.  Guess I was just lucky Smiley Happy
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I would just try it again, but if that doesn't work you would need to call tech support at 1-888-553-1555 and tell them about it and they will refresh your programming and that will take care of it.   When calling tech support, after you confirm the telephone number on the account, press zero once after any question or choice offered by the automated system, and after the 3rd question you will be directed to the first suport person available.  If you do not have verizon landland telephone, just press zero, once, right from the start, then once after any question.
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Both boxes updated on own with no help from me!
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