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Defaulting to the HD channels

Defaulting to the HD channels

Contributor mi3sons1
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I just purchased my first HD TV and am trying to see if there is a way to default to the HD channels when entering the number for the SD channel.  For example, if I enter 7 for channel 7 (ABC-TV), can it automatically tune to 507 - the HD version of that channel instead of having to press the "C" button on the remote.  Being that i have an HD TV and an HD box with and HDMI cable connecting the box and the TV, why can't it tune in the HD channels automatically if entering the SD channel numbers.  I realize that it might sound crazy asking this, but it's annoying to have to remember to enter the HD version of the channel.

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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There is no way to do what you want.  Most of us have to agree with you that when you have an HD box all of your channels should default to HD, but it doesn't.  I hope down the road this would change, like most other providers have already done. 




Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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If pressing the C button is not feasible, you might need to opt for a Universal remote that allows you to program macros...that might be only way to skip the step of pressing C.  I imagine that would be tough to program for every single channel, if it could be done

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Gold Contributor II
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That or just get into the habit of entering 507 ... because, well, that's the channel you want.


Although, I would certainly support flipping the SD and HD channel orders.  Why make it harder for the majority of people who now have HD sets (and who all have HD STB's -- I'm sure the old 2500's and digital adpaters are the minority of the devices)?  Put the HD channels on the single digit assignments and push all the SD channels up to the three digit assignments.

Contributor Krofdorf
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How do I make my SD channels default to HD channels

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There is an option under setup to default to HD channels every time you enter the number for SD.

I beleive it is called autotune HD.

Just enable it.

BTW, don't be surprised if thread gets locked as it is over 2 years old.

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Silver Contributor V
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Both of my STB's do exactly what you want to do

Investigate the Menu Settings 

It's been so long that right now I DK the details.


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Nickel Contributor
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This setting can be confusing to folks who usually use "Up and Down Channels only" type of channel surfing. I had to disable it for an older family member, even though they had an HD tv.


On the Remote control: Menu > Settings > System > television > "Auto Tune to HD Channels"  then set the option to ON with the OK button and you should be set.

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Certainly will jump to the HD version (usally 500 and above) for those who do old fashion scanning.  And from there continue in that range.  Personally I rarely look in the SD range unless I want something I know is on that is not available in HD, and do it from the guide.

Contributor Hootie
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Thank you sooo much!!

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