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Disgust with FIOS Service

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Disgust with FIOS Service

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I am fed up with Verizon's Lies and exaggerations about Fios. I anxiously awaited Fios Service availability and immediately dumped my service provided when it came available. Big mistake! Boy was I led astray by Verizon's deceptions and double talk. Why is it that when you purchase a Fios TV plan that you cannot watch television on that plan? No, you must first rent one of  four choices of converter boxes from Fios for the service that you are buying to work. Even the {please keep your posts courteous} at Comcast will provide you with the basic digital box for the price of service, plus you can receive a large number of channels on a digital TV without a box. Not so with Verizon, but they will not tell you this up front, they flat out lie! Also, Fios "On Demand", Verizon clearly states in their TV advertising that if you miss an episode of your favorite TV series you can see it with "On Demand" within 24 Hrs. This is pure {word filter avoidance}., I have yet to find any of the shows I wish to see in 24 Hrs., and most I cannot find at all. The {please keep your posts courteous} at Comcast have "On Demand" that really works. How is it that a company like Verizon, who touts themselves as leaders in the telecommunications industry, is not even following, or even coming close to the competition, accept in one area..............Over Charging Customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Disgust with FIOS Service

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Sorry, but I'm totally happy with FiOS. I'm paying little more for FiOS Triple Play than I was paying Time Warner Cable for cable alone. The HD PQ on FiOS also blows TWC away. 

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Re: Disgust with FIOS Service

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I have been fully satisfied with FiOS for over two years now.  I have not encountered any exagerations.  Regarding the converter box, that information should have been readily available to you before you switched.  All cable companies are moving to the paradigm where you have to rent converters from them, including Comcast.  In areas where they are moving to all digital service, to get anything but the most basic package you have to rent a box too.  With FiOS, you can get their clear-QAM channels on any TV that can receive them without a converter box (in case you don't know).


Where does FiOS advertise availability on demand within 24 hours of air time?   I've never seen that.  All on demand offerings are controlled by the content provider, not Verizon, so those you may not be finding may not be made available to FiOS.


If you really think FiOS is not "...even coming close to the competition..." as you state, then you should read the latest review of TV, Internet and phone providers in consumer reports -- especially the results of their customer satisfaction surveys.   I respect your right to your opinion, but it's way out of the norm.


I just read your "explative deleted" posting once again and it seems you should just cancel the service.  Or maybe you work for a cable provider???

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