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Dishonest VZ? Triple Play Bundle includes HD but only comes with SD set top box?

Dishonest VZ? Triple Play Bundle includes HD but only comes with SD set top box?

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Oh yes, that's why I was confused.  lol...Seriously, that sounds like a non-issue to me as well.  I don't know of any service provider which would offer free boxes to existing customers either.  That sounds way too good to be true.




No, I'm with OP on this. Being used to getting screwed doesn't mean it's ok.


If Verizon offers HD service for a price, you should be able to GET HD service for that price. You can't. You have to rent additional equipment, which isn't disclosed until you're well into the checkout process - at an additional fee. Therefore, for example, the Triple Play Bundle on up to 3 TVs with 55+ HD Channels for $84.99/mo is untrue. It costs an additional $36/mo for HD on those three TVs. That's $121/mo. Not $85. That's false advertising. 


It's the industry standard to charge extra - I agree with that. But the messaging is intentionally misleading, and should be changed. 


Look to the right of all prices. It says "Plus taxes and fees". The HD box is a fee.

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The equipment you need to receive HD is an additional hidden cost added on to their lowest HD package!


So you could buy that HD service.......and not get HD because you didn't agree to rent a HD capable set top box!


This is so very dishonest. I mean can you justify this kind of behavior?


I agree. Verizon is extremely misleading, and their customer service is horrible! For those who say, it shouldnt even be included, it must be nice to be rich and have extra money to pay for something that absolutely sounds like it is included. FALSE advertisment if you ask me.... And the representitive should have informed me that I would need an HD top box in my order..... Thanks Verizon for suckering me into a 2 year contract and having HORRIBLE customer service, who may I say everytime I call for help, they are NO help and are always trying to sell me more channels and faster internet. So frustrating.


I agree. It's deceiving. I thought the HD box was included in the price. Why call it HD if you have to pay extra to actually get HD?


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jackiegirrl wrote:

I agree. It's deceiving. I thought the HD box was included in the price. Why call it HD if you have to pay extra to actually get HD?




A few things:


Verizon presently has 4 different types of FiOS TV plans available (6 TV plans if you include TV Local and La Conexion):

Select, Prime, Extreme and Ultimate. 

Each of these 4 TV plans range from 140 channels to 385 channels with approximately 25% of these channels in high-definition (HD), plus 46 music channels.

These TV plans are available stand-alone (as a single service) or as part of a bundle (with FiOS Internet and/or Digital Voice). There are more promotions/savings offered with bundled services.

All three services (TV / Internet / Telephone) can be ordered with a 2-year agreement to guarantee the pricing for 24 months, or month-to-month with a price guarantee of 1 year.


Equipment for these services (TV / Internet / Telephone) is priced separately. For TV and/or Internet service, the wireless router is currently provided at no cost.  For telephone service, folks use their own personal equipment to connect to telephone jacks.  

For TV service, folks have their own television sets at home and then choose the FIOS TV equipment that will be connected to their TV (or none at all).  

FiOS TV equipment is leased via a monthly charge and pricing varies depending on the type of TV equipment ordered (regular set top box, DVR, digital adapter, cable card).  A regular set top box that is HD-capable has all TV features (on demand, recorded content sharing, widgets, searches, parental controls, etc). The DVR (single-room or multi-room) has added recording/pausing capabilities, while the adapter and cable card have limited features.  

One does not need a set top box with every TV at the house; this is one's choice.  Some televisions are equipped with a QAM tuner with access to local channels only.

In order to watch all digital TV channels in your chosen TV plan, though, FiOS TV equipment is required.

One can also get FIOS TV channels through other devices besides the TV.

Currently, one can stream about 75 live TV channels from the iPad, or Xbox 360 (as well as from an LG Smart TV or Samsung Smart TV).

And online, one can view full episodes of TV shows from 27 featured TV networks and 98 other networks via Verizon's entertainment site. On demand content (as a FiOS TV subscriber) is also available at some TV networks sites.

Flexview movies/TV shows can also be viewed on multiple devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Xbox 360, Android devices, Kindle Fire, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV).


Overall, the true HD experience for TV content is based on a combination of TV plan, FiOS TV equipment and/or one's own TV for viewing.










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i have the same problem.. we've had Fios since its introduction to our area about 6 years ago.. we have the 2500 sd boxes still and the guide navigation is getting unbearable.. but also we now have bigger flat screens and are interested in taking advantage of the HD programming, which you can't do without a newer HD compatible box.. we already pay for the HD channels that are included in the bundle..  so our option is to pay more for HD boxes?  it's frustrating because the slow guide is my only motivation to change really.. i can live without HD right now..  but it appears the old boxes aren't responding to the newer software..  am i not paying for a working service here?  why do I have to pay more for better boxes because the new guide doesn't work on my SD box?  I already pay more as a long time customer at $155 with tax for phone/net/tv than new people taking advantage of the offer I get in the mail for $89 bundled...  and they get new equipment!..  what do i get for being a long time customer?  i have to pay more for my already more expensive service to work properly?  what is my motivation to stay with this company?  I have Brighthouse mailing me once a month for a bundle that is much cheaper and i'll bet their guide works correctly..  but yeah, i can do with an SD box, but only if it actually works...

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what do i get for being a long time customer?


You get to pay way more than new customers.........AND you get to be reminded that you are paying way more EVERYDAY as Verizon will send you junkmail with that cheap rates every single day.

Not to mention all the TV ads.........


We really need Google to swoop in and crush both Verizon and Comcast.

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Location: New Jersey

So switch to better deals with different providers then. See, a lot of people like to threaten they'll leave this and that if they don't get this and that, but they never do because they think it'll be a pain in the you know what. You actually need to go through with it. I've been playing Verizon, Directv and Comcast off one another for years, because I'm not afraid to make the switch. They ALL offer new customer deals and I'm more than willing to make the switch when the time comes if the existing provider can't match, or better the deal. (And guess what? Existing customers also get the shaft on pricing from Directv, Comcast and I'm sure many other providers - not just Verizon.) I think every FiOS area also has a competing Cableco and Directv and Dish are available to pretty much everybody. Make the effort, get the reward.

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